Tuesday, June 5, 2007


...two years ago my husband, Kevyn, and I began the best life ever.com. Not exactly sure what it was, or what we were doing it truly became a labour of love, frustration, confusion and adulation. One thing we were always sure of was, we wanted a forum to knock around ideas about happiness. We both believe happiness is a choice, and we both have had the displeasure of meeting too many people who were choosing to live the unhappy life. Primed with the goal of metamorphosing one complainer at a time The Best Life Ever was spawned.

First we made videos, then we wanted to add photographs, later I wanted to do some writing. With every change we desired a phone call was needed to our trusty web guys asking them to make the site do this or have the site do that. Then one day it dawned on me, as delicately as a brick falling on my head, that what I was doing was BLOGGING and there were magnificent FREE sites out there that would allow ME to make my site do this or do that. Ah, the lessons we acquire through experience.

Here, a mere two years later and a few thousand dollars poorer, is where you will find me photographing, video making and writing all about what makes me, kevyn and anyone else, who bequeaths' me with their insight, happy!

For the most part I'm going to try and be all enlightened and tell you about people, places, experiences and moments that make me happy, but at times I may breakdown and write about things, like, from stores, that make me happy. Because one day, people may decide to send me free things, like they do to celebrities, in hopes that it will make me happy enough to write about it here, for all four of you to read about.

Bottom line, if at the end of the day, if I've made a few people smile and view the world through a pair of lightly tinted rose coloured glasses..that's all the compensation I'll ever need.

What makes me happy? Chillin' after a long day's work on the beach in Brazil.

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Lea said...

I agree --- happiness is a choice! Very creative blog you have! I saw your comments on The Sartorialist about shorts, which I usually visit because he's always got some fun outfits to check out :D Welcome to Blogger!!! Hurray for free things!!!! ^_^