Monday, June 25, 2007

Playing Make Believe...

makes me happy.

Especially with Kevyn and Fitz, who both have very active and powerful imaginations.

In the above shot, we are preparing for an upcoming scene and getting in tune with our characters.
Kevyn is channeling Secret Agent Face Norris, whom you'll likely find face to face, with himself, in the mirror, ensuring every hair is in the correct place before takes off to save the world.
As Secret Agent Murdock Black, Fitz knows he'll have to channel patience, as his partner Face, is useless if even one strand of hair is out of place.
Playing Lacy Foxley never gets old for me, and here, once again, she's sure everything will work out...just fine.

Agent Black and Agent Norris show no fear, as they rush the charred tour bus. In search of the same briefcase as the Bitter Buttercups, the group who detonated the bus, the pair know they have their work cut out for them.

Ah, the mircofiche..she is safe. The poor Buttercups have been foiled again and left to their own vices to unearth the mystical message, ' never the way to keep a man around.'

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