Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Managing To Get His Shirt Off

makes me happy.

After years of playing a secondary role to Tim Allen, in a cult space TV show, Alan Rickman's character in the movie Galaxy Quest is not one to miss a single opportunity to call his fellow thespian out. Rickman's comedic timing is splendid when he sarcastically drawls "I see you managed to get your shirt off" to Allen who has just been digitized to avoid certain death by a Gorignak! Clearly, the most inopportune time to have one's shirt off...Kevyn?!?

Come on! Every circle of friends has one!

Birthday Week continued last night with a walk to the subway...

followed by dinner and a pint with Kev's brothers, Andy & Dave...

and Andy's leading lady, Crystal.

This was a particularly special part of birthday week as Andy and Kevyn are twins. I'm sure there is a certain significance about a toast with your twin on your birthday. I feel it.

As promised, more brunch photos...

Course two...Mandarin filled crepe bundles!


Monday, July 30, 2007

Kevyn's Birthday Week

makes me happy.

In honour of Kev's Birthday Week I've decided to post one of my most favourite photographs of him each day. Choice!

The best part apart about Birthday Week is that we spend as much time together as possible and life slows down to a medium pace. What more could you ask for?

I actually started celebrating Kevyn's Birthday Week on Saturday, with my mom and sister...

over at Al...

and Adel's,

while Kev, Sandy & my Dad, took down a chimney.

This seven course Backyard Brunch, for nine ladies, will also be featured this week.

First course...Adel's homemade preserves and freshly baked tea biscuits.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Frozen Pizza with Spinach & Broccoli

makes me happy.

In case you didn't know...I LOVE PIZZA! I especially love pizza at two in the morning after a night on the town.

What I don't love are all those extra calories at the end of the night, so, I decided a while back, if I was going to participate in a late night pizza feeding, I would warm up a frozen pizza at home and serve it with a HUGE side of spinach and broccoli. This way I couldn't get carried away eating slice after slice of a large pizza that was ordered, AND, the greens would keep everything moving threw my system nicely, so all memories of the pizza from the night before would be washed away with one single flush of the toilet. Brilliant!

Below are some Pre-Late Night Pizza Feeding shots.







And, wonder... why does the moon look so big in person and so small in photographs?!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hittin' The Pool After Practice

makes me happy.

Not only did Kev toss me some balls today...

he also, popped me some flies.

So it felt really great...

to go from hot and sweaty!

To cool and clean.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Puppy Love

makes me happy.

Need I say more?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Batting Practice

makes me happy.

Kevyn and I play in a co-ed Bar & Restaurant Softball League on Sunday mornings and it ROCKS! When we first joined the league, NINE YEARS AGO, I thought of it more of a social event then a sporting event.

You see, I come from a background of competitive sport. When I was very young gymnastics was my passion and I used to train 16+ hours a week. Then, I moved on to Track & Field, in which I competed at the National Level and then all through University, where again, hours were spent training on the track and lifting in the weight room.

Therefore, when I came to understand, the only lifting which was going to happen would be that of the 2-4 out of the trunk, in my mind, this was social - not sport.

But, over the years a couple of interesting things happened. Firstly, our team began to practice...on non-game days...on a regular basis. And secondly, my memories of having to train 16 hours a week before getting to compete, began to fade. Win-win.

And now, I'm feeling like I want to compete! I'm in the mood to step up my game. So on top of our regular practices and games, I've taken to hitting the ball around in my spare time. Lucky for me, I sleep with our pitcher and he is only too happy to take a half hour out of his day to toss me some balls.

Hee hee. I just said 'toss me some balls.'

Here's a peek of some footage I shot of our team a couple seasons ago.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Friends Who Get Into It

make me happy.

This past weekend, Kevyn and I, hosted and participated in our first Murder Mystery Party. As the game package promised, it was 'A Night of Mystery & Intrigue', and, thanks to our hilarious friends it was also an evening of preposterous whimsy.

For some, the roles were demanding...



and exhausting.

But for Kevyn, it seemed as though the role of Fabio Fabulous, pool-boy extraordinarie, was created with him in mind.

Flawless execution.

Afterall the deals were made,

and all the secrets came out,

the pool was cleaned,

and life was good.

Oh, by the way, that's me necking the pool-boy.

It said to in the script!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bruises That I Earned

make me happy.

The other day, at work, I walked into some sort of protruding metal hook and gave myself a dandy of a bruise right in the soft, fatty tissue of my thigh. Although smaller then the bruise pictured above I find it much more hideous.

You see, I earned the bruise above. I chose to get on that bull in LA and I instructed the operator to make it go hard and fast. It's like a Trophy Bruise!

The new bruise has nothing to offer me or remind of, except...'Watch where you're going!' Thanks.

Hence, we shall focus on the Trophy Bruise, and please enjoy the video below to see how it all went down...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kevyn's Appreciation for the Rain

makes me happy.

Rainy days, during life before Kevyn, sucked. If the sun wasn't shining, neither was I, and it came as a shock when I discovered I was dating a man who LOVED the rain!

"HUH!?! What is there to LOVE about the rain?" I inquired for many a year.

"How about, because it makes Cashius do this with her ears? Or the muted colours of the sky?"

"The sound of the drops hitting the awning?"

"The smell of the pavement?"

"Or, that the rain is a lesson in acceptance. Instead of resisting the rain, embrace it."

Got it! And I now do.