Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Batting Practice

makes me happy.

Kevyn and I play in a co-ed Bar & Restaurant Softball League on Sunday mornings and it ROCKS! When we first joined the league, NINE YEARS AGO, I thought of it more of a social event then a sporting event.

You see, I come from a background of competitive sport. When I was very young gymnastics was my passion and I used to train 16+ hours a week. Then, I moved on to Track & Field, in which I competed at the National Level and then all through University, where again, hours were spent training on the track and lifting in the weight room.

Therefore, when I came to understand, the only lifting which was going to happen would be that of the 2-4 out of the trunk, in my mind, this was social - not sport.

But, over the years a couple of interesting things happened. Firstly, our team began to practice...on non-game days...on a regular basis. And secondly, my memories of having to train 16 hours a week before getting to compete, began to fade. Win-win.

And now, I'm feeling like I want to compete! I'm in the mood to step up my game. So on top of our regular practices and games, I've taken to hitting the ball around in my spare time. Lucky for me, I sleep with our pitcher and he is only too happy to take a half hour out of his day to toss me some balls.

Hee hee. I just said 'toss me some balls.'

Here's a peek of some footage I shot of our team a couple seasons ago.


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