Friday, July 13, 2007


make me happy.

This may be my favourite photograph of the week. I love the contradiction between the warm and fuzzy magic light of the evening sun, and the dark and menacing clouds looming overhead.

Ten minutes later, over at Adel and Al's, the clouds ruptured and we watched and listened to the magnificence of the rainfall through the backdoor of the kitchen.

The rain continued on for another hour until...CRACK-BOOM! Blackout!

And we were all like..."Wha' happened?!?"

While Adel set forth to shed some light on the situation, Kev, Al and I continued on at the diningroom table wondering how we were going to finish our game of Hearts. Upon Adel's return she asked us to hand her the matches in a tone that suggested, "Come on people. The lights in the room are out...not the ones in your head!"

With the tea lights glowing and the card game back on, our only concern, seven minutes into the blackout, became the welfare of the ice cream bars in the freezer.

Four were saved.

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