Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Managing To Get His Shirt Off

makes me happy.

After years of playing a secondary role to Tim Allen, in a cult space TV show, Alan Rickman's character in the movie Galaxy Quest is not one to miss a single opportunity to call his fellow thespian out. Rickman's comedic timing is splendid when he sarcastically drawls "I see you managed to get your shirt off" to Allen who has just been digitized to avoid certain death by a Gorignak! Clearly, the most inopportune time to have one's shirt off...Kevyn?!?

Come on! Every circle of friends has one!

Birthday Week continued last night with a walk to the subway...

followed by dinner and a pint with Kev's brothers, Andy & Dave...

and Andy's leading lady, Crystal.

This was a particularly special part of birthday week as Andy and Kevyn are twins. I'm sure there is a certain significance about a toast with your twin on your birthday. I feel it.

As promised, more brunch photos...

Course two...Mandarin filled crepe bundles!


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