Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Playing "Don't Kill What You Got!"

in the garden...makes me happy.

Neither Kev, nor I, were blessed with green thumbs, yet we both share a definite appreciation for flowers and gardens of all sorts. This being the case, you maybe wondering, "Stacy, how does your garden grow?"

Well I'll tell you. Years ago Martha taught me that I should never go work in my garden, rather I should always go play in my garden. And yes, by Martha, I am referring to Martha Stewart. And no, I do not feel the need to use her full name as she is the only 'Martha' in my life, and after all these years of her mentoring me on how to iron my sheets and skin my tomatoes, it just feels like the right thing to do.

Now, with no real gardening abilities, play, can quickly turn to irritation. So, what Kev and I have figured works best for two people who like to garden, but the don't love to spend hours playing garden, is...keep it clean and don't kill what you got.

I must say, I'm feeling rather proud of where this mentality has taken our garden. Once an overgrown mess of weeds and bushes, our garden now has shape, the bushes can breathe, the soil has been turned and every now and then I feel confident enough to stick something new in the ground and try not to kill it.

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simply olive said...

i saw you on the sartorialist, and thought i would check you out.
...you 2 make a gorgeous couple!