Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Touching Toes

makes me happy.

This is the thing - it's smoking hot here, in Toronto, these days.

This is the other thing - air conditioning, does not make me happy.

Therefore - please, don't touch me.

It's a very perturbing predicament.

After spending 8 months of the year freezing my boobies off, I'm very disinclined to turn on the air conditioning. Memories of sweltering days like these are what's going to keep me warm in the winter. However...touching me when the relative humidity is 52%...not an option. Consequently, I am left with two options. A - a little pillow talk with Kev about how 'animalistic' I find the cow position - minus the foot in my face. Or, B - roll over and turn on the air.

"Babe? Can you hand me a pair of socks?"

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