Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kevyn Buying Me September's Vogue...Twice

makes me happy.

I have almost every single issue of Vogue from January 2000 on. Yes, I actually HAVE them. They live in our basement and have moved with us about three times. But, the 'whys' and 'hows' of THAT are a whole other blog that I'm sure Kevyn would like to have some input in.

As much as it upsets Kevyn to move around boxes of Vogue, it upsets him even more when I forget to pick up the latest issue.

I think there may have been a fit or two thrown in the grocery store check out line when I realized there was a new issue out and I had missed picking up the previous one.

Well, it only took a couple of fits before Kevyn became a monthly subscriber so I would never miss another issue...until...apparently the mailman decided that September's 2007 EXTRA-EXTRA LARGE! issue of Vogue was simply to large to deliver.

Everyday, for the past three weeks, since I saw Sienna Miller on the cover in the grocery store I've been racing to my mailbox looking for my bible. Nothing.

Again this morning I brought in the mail and mumbled sadly to myself, yet loud enough for Kev to hear, "Still no Vogue."

Then, like magic, I walked through the door this afternoon and saw Sienna's bright red lips smiling back at me!

I love magic.


steve said...

I'm the same way with GQ. I had every issue since i was 17. I've moved them with me all through school. When i moved into my "adult" apt 4 months ago, i was confronted with the reality of 5+ yrs of GQ. i only kept the "men of style" issues and only allow 3 months of a time in the coffee table. It's all I can do not to cry when i threw Colbert away.

Stacy said...


Iheartfashion said...

Hey, the same thing happened to me!
The day after my husband bought it for me, mine arrived in the mail...oh well.