Monday, August 27, 2007

The People On This Team

make me happy.

Last night marked the end of another fantastic season of softball.

And today, I'm already feeling a bit blue that it's over. Of course I love the sport and I love to compete, but even more so...I love the people.

They hike up their pants to show me their luscious legs.

They bend over to show me their bountiful bossoms.

They hold their sweet smiles for my slow shutter.

They throw fits of fury when they don't win Most Improved Player.

And best of all, they make fabulous faces that make me laugh.

Thanks for all the love my friends.

Even though we didn't walk away as the 'Softball Champions of the World,' I do feel grateful that I was able to walk away at all. You see, after our earlier then planned demise we hung around to watch the other games, hit the volleyball around and
play "I Know It's Been 16 Years, But I think I Can..."


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