Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rollin' Up, And Rollin' Home From The EX

makes me happy.

The Canadian National Exhibition breezed into town for the 128th year in a row and Kevyn and I couldn't resist rolling up to the largest Fair in the country.

With strong roots in argiculture and farming, The EX, is still a great place to get up close and personal with a beautiful Bovine...

or to showcase your sexy sheep.

There are also plenty of places to rest and re-hydrate...

and a plethora of pursuits to leave you inflamed and impoverished.

Which leads to the perfect time to cool off on the Ferris Wheel.

Followed by a search for the real reason we came...Deep Fried Shit!

Corn Dogs, Tiny Tom Donuts, Funnel Cakes...

and Hot Waffle Ice Cream Sandwichs.

Like I said in the title...someone please roll me home.

As it was way too smoking hot in Toronto yesterday for me to bust out the video camera, please enjoy this footage from our previous visit to the CNE.


i am playing outside said...

When the CNE closes down each year, some of it rolls on over to Renfrew, ON. This year is the 153rd Renfrew Fair and boy am I friggin' excited. I don't go to the CNE and I don't go to the Ottawa EX, but do I ever love the Renfrew Fair. You guys should come try it out, and get all your small town fun in!

Stacy said...

Maybe I will! When are the exact dates?