Monday, September 24, 2007

Being 'Not So Into Other People's Opinions'

makes me happy.

When Kevyn and I first began The Best Life Ever, we quickly decided the subject of choice was happiness and that ourselves, our images and our personal talents would create the material.

To me, this added another dimension of honesty. Not only would I be telling our visitors how we are trying to live our best lives, I would be showing them.

Photography is an art form I've been exploring for the past 10 years and Kevyn developed a passion for video making and editing quickly after he opened imovie for the first time.

Consequently, the website not only allowed us to live out our dream of inspiring others to find happiness within their own lives, we were also able to cultivate our own skills, within our chosen creative pursuits.

What that resulted in, for me, was...becoming an expert Self-Timer Photographer. Yes, 90% of the photographs on the website are taken by me, accordingly...all the ones with me IN the shot, are done with the self-timer.

I'm sure you can imagine some of the interesting scenarios this type of photography has gotten me into.

Cameras balancing on rocks, branches and garbage pails. Ben Johnson like dashes between the camera and the mark. And, all kinds of people slowing down to a snails' pace, in order to get a real, good stare of me and the madness.

If my ego had it it's way, my mind would filled with any number of self defeating stories, all about how crazy and self absorbed these people must think I am.

Instead, I tell myself they're simply interested in what I'm doing and I'm adding some amusement to their day.

I also KNOW, for a fact, most of them just want to help. And what's not great about that?

Therefore, when they ask, "Can I take that for you?"

I sincerely thank them and openly tell them, "'s just my thang!"


i am playing outside said...

Never, EVER tell yourself that you are self-absorbed. I've always found that pictures and videos are the best possible way to document events, and not just big exciting weddings and family vacations. Riding on the bus, or dinner with friends is just as much an adventure.

I'm a big fan of nostalgia, so looking back on pictures is a lot of fun for me. I love to laugh at how ridiculous we all used to look because that hair is SO not in style anymore. I mean, what were we thinking?

So take your pictures. Take MORE pictures. Then 5 years from now, don't forget to look back on them and smile :)

Anonymous said...

You take better picture with a timer than I do just taking the picture myself. Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

You two are sickingly gorgeous! Good for you two having fun. Life is to enjoy and it looks like you're doing a mighty swell job of it.

TravelGretta said...

Lady - where are you guys in that last photo? It looks a little like Bahia, Brazil?

Stacy said...

You got it sister! Damn you're good!

Kev and I shot a tv show there called the 'Pleasure Zone', in which we explored Brazil's sexual culture.

Needless to say, not a bad gig.

Sadia Bruce said...

I was already head over heels in love with Brasil, my adopted third homeland (real ones are Liberia and the Philippines). Now with this photo-- I'm dying! I wish I could hop on a plane tomorrow! Just lovely...

alicelamalice said...

thannnnnnnnnks for this pictures,bahia my love i miss you pelourino!!

landis said...

ok, i take it back.

you two TOGETHER are ridiculously hot.

and YOU are the people with the nutella story on gretchen's site. i LOVE that story.