Thursday, September 6, 2007


makes me happy.

Last night I received an eloquent email from a lovely lady in Chicago, who was kind enough to let me know the way in which this blog spoke to her.

Between teaching classes at night and a full time day job, her life began to gain the type of undesirable momentum specifically reserved for The Rat Race.

It took being saddled down with a cold, to allow her to slow down without feeling GUILTY! Oh how that little voice in our head loves to lay on the guilt.

That's when she stumbled upon The Best Life Ever and came to the realization that 'slowing down' and enjoying her fiancé EVERYDAY, needs to be priority number ONE.

The first time I heard the phrase 'Work Smarter, Not Harder' I felt like the heavens opened up and sang to me. I've always believed that there MUST be a way to make a decent living, with very little room for stress and lots of time for love. Welcome to my journey. Small steps, EVERYDAY, in a forward direction with time to smell the flowers, eat the Ben & Jerry's and love the husband.

And to you my sister I say...thank you for the kind words... and can I get a 'Hell Ya!'

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i am playing outside said...

You are definitely helping more than one person enjoy life to the fullest. You are wonderful :) I wish you and your man all the best!