Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Really, Really...Really Long Walks with Cash

make me happy.

Walks with Cash...ROCK! I love spending time with her and, of course, I enjoy the exercise.

Consequently, all the walks are great, but the long ones...are exceptional.

You see, we take the long walks on slow days. Days when I have no where to be and no agenda to follow. My mind isn't racing and the clock's not ticking. We go as far as we can, and take as long as we need to come home.

And sometimes, we even lie down in the flowers to rest.


i am playing outside said...

how on earth do you have all this spare time as a student!?

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I had a little dog and when we walked it seemed like I always had to carry him back.

glamour girly said...

your dog is adorable, and I just love that picture in the flowers!

landis said...


the dog is hot too.