Friday, September 14, 2007

What We Stuck In The Ground And Got

makes me happy.

You may remember back in July, I wrote a Post explaining that the basic philosophy with our garden is 'Don't Kill What You Got.'

That's pretty well how our garden grew this summer. With two exceptions. A pumpkin plant and a watermelon seeding that our good friend Al, bestowed upon us.

So...we stuck 'em in the ground.

And a few short months later...TA-DA!

Taking the reigns as Artistic Director on this shoot, I thought Kev and I should simply stand tall and proud and showcase our realizations.

By Kev's expression, and lack of enthusiasm in his watermelon, you can tell he had a different idea.

'How 'bout we play, Toss the Fruit!?!'

Oh it sure was all fun and games, until...

Looks like I'm still going to be BUYING a pumpkin this year.

1 comment:

i am playing outside said...

that is the cutest little watermelon ever...

...did you know that kevin's fly is like half down? hehe