Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lovin' My Bathroom Tiles

makes me happy.

When Kevyn and I bought this house, we were, in fact, buying the land that the house is resting upon rather then the house that is currently doing the resting. We will, most likely, be the last occupants of this house, as a two bedroom house with a 115 foot frontage in the city of Toronto these days, is...an anomaly.

As a result, any money we were going to keep aside for renovations, went toward the down payment in order for us to afford the property.

And these

are the tiles I was blessed with. Certainly not my first choice, if faced with the opportunity to design my dream bathroom, but surely not offensive enough have ever complained about them.

In fact, it only took a few trips to the lavatory to recognize the craftsmanship that went into placing those tiles. Each one so straight, flat and perfectly grouted. Chosen, I'm sure, back in 1977 for their colour and design, they have the virtuosity to put me in a very... 'Stayin' Alive' state of mind.

Now, the question is...if I had to decided to complain about the tiles, what would have changed?

The tiles? Or my state of mind?

Love what ya got!


i am playing outside said...

Personally, I adore going into a retro bathroom with tiles like that. It makes me go back to a time before I was even born, and I get to think 'hey, all these crazy patterns were everywhere. they're pretty cool. now, what were they thinking?' lol

if you ever do renovate, you should try to keep a couple tiles and find something fun to do with them!

glamour girly said...

Amen! I love stopping by and seeing your upbeat sayings. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

Anonymous said...

Your tile is absolutely gorgeous compaired to mine. Mine is a fancy pepto bismo pink with black border tiles. It's like the 50's threw up in there!!

steve said...

flip 'em horizontal and you've got the tile in my grandparent's cottage.
...i think...