Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As Long As He Wants

makes me happy.

My husband likes to sleep... a lot.

So much in fact, it became one of the only bones of contention within our relationship.

But, if there is one piece of advice that I never hesitate to share with my lady friends it's...


Not only will you immediately become horrifically unattractive to your mate, even worse, the sound of your nagging voice may make your own eardrums bleed.

Instead of nagging, find a solution.

And my solution to Kevyn's sleepy ways?

Sleep as much as you want. Eight, nine, ten hours? No problem. But when you do get up I want you to be awake. Be present. Be excited for the day. Be conscious.

Ah, solutions!


kevyn said...

it's proven the more sleep you get, the longer you live. it is also proven that women live longer than men. i'm just doing my part to live with you as long as i can.

TravelGretta said...

I am with Kevyn on this - I have slept until 10:15am the past 2 days.

But when I'm UP, I'm UP!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I've been a lurker for several months but felt the need to pipe up and say hi. Today seeing yer honey half-nakie, I felt like a peeping tom... So I will jump out of the shadows for this post to say what a fun, cute couple you two are. Thanks for being a part of my morning ritual. - Leslie, in Burlingame, CA

i am playing outside said...

ugh. i normally get to sleep til whenever. now im a working boy and im up at 6:40am ... its horrible. and i go to bed before midnight now. just awful.

Molly said...

With the husband and I, it is the exact opposite. I am the sleeper, and he is always "nagging" me to get up. We talked about this--how some people need more sleep--and though he doesn't understand that it's not exactly a choice and I'm not being lazy, he is pretty cool about it.