Friday, May 30, 2008


makes me happy.

You know when a cat plops it's self down on the ground...

and starts rolling back and forth...

flipping from side to side?

My mom calls that groovin'.

Here's hoping you all find some time for groovin' this weekend!


mando said...

I have four cats and only one cat does this daily, usually when he's in the bathroom with someone. My mom and I call it his "routine" like it's this big dance number he has planned out for us.

monique said...

Hey, I found you in The Sartorialist blog and your picture was so lovely I had to check you out.

What great pictures you have here. So normal and unassuming yet full of life.

The top shot of the kitty is cropped so beautifully. It's slightly Hitchcockian. I'm not even a fan of cats but I dig this picture.

Best wishes for everything.