Friday, June 13, 2008


makes me happy.

This is my last photo of our baby robins in the nest.

This afternoon, on my walk home from the subway, I was the unfortunate witness of an adult morning dove falling from a tree.  

I stopped and stood there for a moment, confused by what I was looking at.

As the dove flapped around on the grass, obviously injured, this little guy fell to the ground about 30 seconds after her.

What was going on?!?  I stepped back and looked up the tree to find a very large crow preying on the remaining babies.  I hooted and hollered, waving my arms in the air, scaring the crow enough to take off... albeit sadly, with one of the chicks in his beak.

Upon my return home I shared my sad news with Kevyn, who was quick to inform me, we too were the owners of an empty nest... but a happy ending.

While mowing the lawn this afternoon he had cause to pause when he noticed Cashius walking in slow circles around the patio.  Upon further inspection he discovered she was following around one of the baby robins that the Mrs. had tossed from the nest, trying to get a good sniff.

Kev told Cash to give the baby bird some room, and off it hopped to the safety of a wood stack between the fence and the shed. 

After all the hard work both those mother birds put in, I'm not positive if either of these chicks will make it.

But what I do know, by proof of our 4am bird alarm located in the pine tree outside our bedroom window, is that they will continue to endeavor and success will be theirs.

Thanks for the reminder my feathery friends.


Anonymous said...

That's sweet. It's hard to watch them leave the nest. Hopefully another mom will come back next year.


Beautiful blog with such positivity:) Im a new fan.


i am playing outside said...

hah its so true. 4am is when the birds turn on for the morning. its great!