Thursday, July 17, 2008

Being Passionate

makes me happy.

In case you don't know my husband is becoming quite the photographer in his own right.

If you haven't yet popped by his site, please do so. You can find him over there to the right, under Doing His Thang.

He snapped the shot above recently while I was scouting out a shot of my own and it joins a short list of photos of myself that I really like.

And here's the interesting part, most of those photos on that list are of me taking photographs. I'm sure I don't physically look much different in them then in any other photos but to me they ooze passion.

Pretty amazing how doing what you love helps you love who you are.


B2 said...

what street corner are you on? I think I recognize it, but can't place it...

i am playing outside said...

to be honest, i think you have hundreds of pictures that could easily top this one! [btw its approximately the 1 year anniversary of me reading your blog. yay!]

you take wonderful pictures, and it is because you are always so happy. dont stop!


To be passionate about something is def. one of the BEST feelings in the world. I really enjoy reading your blog:)

have a great weekend~