Monday, July 7, 2008

Dr Doolittle

makes me happy.

Yesterday, while hanging out in the backyard...

with our human friends...

and our canine ones..

these little guys starting falling from the sky.

Well, actually from the roof, where their mom was scooting them out of the nest and trying to teach them the art of flying, regardless - they kept landing on our patio.

I was all like "Hey, you guys should start calling me Dr. Doolittle." - taking credit for all the wildlife our backyard had seen this spring, thanks to all the good vibes I try to send out to the world.

Then I began to think back to the photos I've captured of said wildlife and realized they all had one thing in common...


Who's kidding who...

they come because of Cashius.

I knew I had a lot to learn from that dog.

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Anonymous said...

Cashius - the baby bird whisperer!