Monday, September 15, 2008

My Sunday Night Hero

makes me happy.

When asked, which I usually am, what I'd like to have for Sunday night dinner, my answer, 97% of the time is pizza (with a very large side of steamed broccoli and spinach - seriously).

And 97% of those times Kevyn will agree to pizza, even though his love of pizza is equal to a mere fraction of mine.

But that's just the kinda guy he is.

Even when it's raining.


Anonymous said...

He truly is a hero. Now I'd call him a "SUPERHERO" if he picked up one for me also. Damn, he'd only have to drive several time zones to deliver it.

Cellar Door said...

He certainly has got some good rain fashion sense going on.

i am playing outside said...

he's so sweet. but i'm concerned about his lack of love for pizza. maybe you guys should do so make your own pizza fun. cooking with someone is always awesome.

landis smithers said...

you should SO keep him.