Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That Spark Deep Inside Me

makes me happy.

For my dad's 60th birthday we decided to have a backyard Luau Party!

Everyone between 90 years...

and 9 days was welcome to attend.

Looking at the photos I took, I'm thinking everyone was pretty happy.

But to be honest with you, I wasn't all that concerned with whether they were or not.

Because it is my opinion that NO ONE has control over anyone else's state of happiness,

and I think it would be simply egotistical of me to assume otherwise.

Now don't get me wrong...

I LOVE to provide people with opportune settings for happiness,

but how they choose to feel in each and every opportunity is 100%, completely up to them.

Not to worry.

I feel the exact same way about my own happiness.

There is not a single person whom I believe has control over my happiness.

Why would I hand that kind of power over to anyone else?

May I humbly suggest...

that happiness is not a fleeting emotional state, perhaps...

at our core, it's who we are.

May your next 60 be even better then you first daddy-o!

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