Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tossing A Sweater In My Bag

makes me happy.

I left my house this morning in a t-shirt and flip flops. By the time I met up with this handsome guy it was down right nipply out.

To many the definition of September is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

To Canadians it means sweater weather.


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

There have been some fine, warm days recently on the West Coast - until the sun starts to set behind the houses.

Then it's Sweater Weather for sure - even here!

i am playing outside said...

You are right. This week I have begun my annual love affair with the sweater. I prefer something with a zipper. Hood optional.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for sweater weather yet.


Awww its nearing the end of summer:)