Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Very Thoughtful Husband

Today is a long day for me. I'll leave my house in about twenty minutes and won't return until about midnight.

Kevyn, on the other hand, has the whole day off. But you want to know what he's offered to do with his day off?

Clean the house.

Am I a lucky girl or what?


Joanna Goddard said...

that is SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I do the laundry and the cooking. P does the cleaning. I think you and I are the lucky ones.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are very lucky. Does Kev give out cleaning lessons? If so, I'll take a gift certificate for my husband.

Barbara said...

very lucky!

i am playing outside said...

he seems to be some sort of cleaning ninja. your house will sparkle!

i'm currently watching HGTV [all day!] ... when is your show going to be on??