Monday, October 6, 2008


makes me happy.

Kev and I spent the last couple of days in northern Ontario,

visiting brotha Andy...

and enjoying Pumpkinfest!

Now I know you're all like, "Ah - those are cars Stacy, not pumpkins!?"

And I'm all like "You are correct."

Classic cars to be exact. Which I've come to learn, are a very significant component of Pumpkinfest.

So, on this most glorious fall day, just off the sandy shores of Lake Huron, the three of us cruised up and down the main drag and picked out some of our favourites.

Kev and I both loved the old Jimmy...

but opinions varied when it came to our choice 'vettes.

While Kev was feeling the funk of what the seventies were serving up...

I felt the Corvettes of the early sixties were some of the sexiest beasts ever made,

but at the end of the road it was, as always, it was the company that stole the show.

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