Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Manatees

make me happy.

This morning on Sunrise Earth we joined the manatees in Homosassa Florida for their 7am rituals.

This is what I got to say about that... screw the dolphins, I wanna swim with the manatees!


Moses said...

Hi, Stacy!!!

We have never been formally introduced...... However you may know my girlfriend Emeleen. she is Adel's Sister!!!!

At Adel's last family gathering I asked her about your blog which was mentioned in passing in a previous conversation Adel and I had!! (about some remarkably good pictures she was in, if I do recall!!)
Never the less I checked out your site, and like most people who spend more than 3 seconds on your blog, I immediately fell in love with your lives....(You and Kevyn that is.)

I scoured through your photos, and combed through your captions and phrases!!!
..... Needless to say, I was snagged by your Inspiration spiel, and became just that........
..................... INSPIRED!!!!
I Love Photos, I Love Life, and I Love Em..... So what a perfect forum to express that, than in a blog...
I really appreciate your work!!!...As well as he time it took for you to read this....
Quickly on his way o becoming your greatest fan:


I will be tuning in to, what is "Truly" the best life ever, for my daily fixin' of Happiness..THANK YOU!!!

justme said...

i'm so jealous. really. i'm with you on the dolphin vs. manatee thing!