Monday, December 22, 2008

December 21st

makes me happy.

December 21st makes me happy for a few reasons.

Firstly, and most importantly, it's my sister's birthday - isn't she looking gorgeous in her gold sparkles?

Secondly, and something all my Northern Hemisphere buddies have in common, it's the Winter Solstice - which means summer's right around the corner right?

And thirdly, it is my humble opinion that December 21st is the perfect day to have a Christmas party on - yes?

So to get a little bit of quality time in with my big sis before the big par-tay...

we grabbed our husbands, a couple of her most special friends, and headed out to 7 Numbers to enjoy a lovely rustic Italian dinner on Saturday night.

Because on Sunday, we had about 50 of our nearest and dearest pop by to celebrate all of the above and life in general!

As hosting a gathering that large kept me quite busy...

I didn't seem to find the time to spend taking as many photos, or the quality of photos, I usually do.

What I found interesting, going through the ones I did take today was...

considering the number of people at the party and how few times I pulled out my camera, there were a certain few people...

who appeared...


and over,

and over again in them.

It was like their energy magnetized my camera.

If I was the paparazzi, they were my Britney Spears.

Even when I didn't want to look - I couldn't turn away!

We've all got a couple of them. Those friends that captive, charm and crack us up. They are - The Superstars of our lives!

And my head is still really small.

And I love when people dance in our living room.

And I too dream about peace on earth.

Happy Birthday sista - and thanks for sharing your special day with me and these ya-hoos!


Suze said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

Merry Christmas to you and Kev~!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

What a fun and wonderful party. Happy holidays, I hope you and Kevyn have a great one.

i am playing outside said...

Your parties always look fantastically fun!

Merry Christmas, Stacey and Kevyn!