Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Special Boy

makes me happy.

I don't go nuts with Christmas decorations.

Partly because, I do love the way I've really decorated my house (you know, the decor I live with for the other eleven months of the year) and partly because I don't love most of the mass produced Christmas decor they peddle on every other corner.

This guy kinda falls into that category, as I bought him at a big box store, mid way down the 35th aisle of seasonal decor, off a shelf filled with a million other garland shaped reindeer, santas, and snowmen.

Except... he only has one eye.

No, no, he didn't loose the eye during one of the last nine years Christmas's he's spent spreading joy throughout our house.

That's right, I bought him that way.

No one gets sent to The Island of Misfit Toys on my watch!


Anonymous said...

Love that you're taking care of the misfit toys!

Steve said...


Darlene said...

I like the way you think. I smiled at the pic even before I read what you wrote. That often happens. Thanks.

justme said...

I HAVE his brother! With both eyes, of course, but it's the same one!

i am playing outside said...

he's adorable! :D

Jennifer Herd said...

my Mum constantly buys up all the teddy bears with one eye or a broken leg or whatever - then she takes them home, repairs them, and gives them a comfy place to sit on the mantle. It's supercute to watch - she gets SO upset when she sees a damaged teddy bear in the discount bin that she can't pass it up!!!!

Miss Urbanita said...