Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Oldie But A Goodie

makes me happy.

Although we did spend the second half of today shopping, this is not a photograph from said adventure.

No, this is a shot from Christmas shopping past.

Christmas shopping present was tremendous.

But now I'm spent, excuse the pun, and re-gifting you this fun photo from a old shoot.

You like?


Kevin Lee Allen said...

Those are some hot shoes!

Step Right Up said...

Sooo you're one of them re-gifters!

justme said...

I love it....for many reasons. I love your coat. i love Kevyns shoes. most of all, i love your expressions and all the loot you looked like you got! good haul!

i am playing outside said...

so many excellent choices here:

1. your coat
2. Yorkdale
3. the various stores you shopped at
4. shopping is super fun! haha Maegan said...

yes ...I like it. don't be offended but seriously, we could be sisters. lol.