Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trimming The Trees

makes me happy.

I always look forward to deckin' our halls with boughs of holly - or at least with stuff that leans toward such inclination - and the second half of today proved to be the opportune time to get started.

As I usually do, I began with the trees.

About four years ago, while out shopping for wedding decor with Laura in January 2005, as seen here,

we happened upon these...

two sets of three, pre - lit, dramatically reduced in price, faux pine trees, that I fell in love with.

For the last three Christmas's they have served me well, and as I gingerly removed them from their storage bin and patiently unfolded and stretched out each branch, I expected nothing less this year.

Boy, was I surprised when Kev plugged them in and only ONE small section of lights worked?!?

Hmmm... now what?

Kev suggested we simply string new lights over the old ones, as the old ones are so tightly wound (seriously, is that how you spell wound?) on each branch that there is no way we could unwind them. Makes sense, but - I know the only thing my eyes would ever see are the dead lights underneath.

Then, while out for a walk with my dad, I came up with another solution. I broke down the situation for him and explained what I just realized I should do is cut the old strand into pieces and then pull them off.

You want to know what he told me?

"Don't do it while they're plugged in."

Thanks dad.