Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting What I Asked For

makes me happy.

Speaking of The Law of Attraction, I've got a little story for you.

If you go way back into my archives, I mean alllll the way back, you'll find a post about why I started this blog. In it I mentioned my desire to convert the complainers of the world, to share stories and insights about what makes Kevyn and I happy in the hope it would help others begin to find the happiness in their own lives, and also noted that I may photograph and write about things - like, from stores, as I so eloquently put it, in case one day someone may want to send me free things to write about here for all of you to read.

Well be careful what you ask for.

Over the past year or so I've been approached by a few different companies interested in sending me products to try and review on this site.

Now, as Kevyn has no need for enhancement in the manly area - thank you very much, and our sex drive is trucking along just fine - above average I'm happy to report, and I just couldn't see my readers understanding why I was trying to push diamonds on them - huh, I said thanks but no thanks.

It wasn't until the good people in charge of marketing the L'Oreal Pairs Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara contacted me that I felt like, now here's a match. As you know, L'Oreal is a already a trusted household product around here and I'm firm believer in the look good feel better theory.

Alright, send it over.

And there it is, on my lashes, making them look very, very long. Cool. As my beauty regimen really only includes some tinted moisturizer, black eye liner and lip gloss I can honestly tell you this mascara makes a simple addition, with a sizable impact to my simple routine.

And for your next trick Universe? How about you send me some elegant and relative sponsorships to place on the site?

Oh the photographs I could take, the people I could write about, and the places I would take my readers if we could do this on a more full time basis!

One day - I can feel it coming.

Lay Low

makes me happy.

My trusty ipod was on shuffle yesterday and my favorite song from My Morning Jacket came on.

It was funny to me as Stacy had just asked if I thought they would be playing in Toronto any time soon. "I don't think so babe," I replied "we just saw them here last June." As seen in the photograph I snapped above when they were rockin' it out to Lay Low.

So Stacy mentions them, my ipod lands on them, good old Law of Attraction hard at work.

Maybe I'll try attracting us a trip to Osaka Japan to see them perform there?

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Go Cards!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When Two Wrongs Do Make A Right

makes me happy.

A few weeks ago my dad purchased two broken down snow blowers off of Craigslist.

Add in a dash of skill, patience, and innovation and voilĂ , one lean mean blowing machine.

Quite the greenie that dad of mine.

Oh yeah - it makes Kev kinda happy too.


makes me happy.

It has snowed for two straight days here in the Tdot and is showing no signs of letting up.

Hovering around a balmy -10 °C (that's 14 F for our American friends) without the wind...with it's-19 °C ( -2.2 F).

So after I have plowed the snow...twice in a span of 5 hours. It was time to shut 'er down and get into my diggs.

I appreciate my home and how it protects us from the elements. Too many times I take the house for granted.

It's just something I don't think about. I just expect it to be there. A place to eat and sleep.

But on nights like these, I feel the impact of what my home really provides for me. It protects, it bestows comfort, warmth and it allows me to enjoy the storm front row center.

So as a show of appreciation. I gave her the cleaning of a lifetime!

What else was I gonna do, it's crazy out there!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Wide Open Space + A Chair With Wheels

makes me happy.

Bottom line, if you were put in this situation and didn't take advantage of it... I'm not sure we could be friends.

Release your inner imp!

Extracurricular Activities

make me happy.

Three years ago my good friend The Juice, pictured above, asked me join his team that plays in a men's hockey league.

I told him that I haven't played hockey since I was a teenager and I also lost my equipment sometime in the 90's. The 90's were very blurry. Fun, but blurry.

It then dawned on me that I was making excuses to myself not to try something new. Was I was afraid of the cost? Afraid of what the other players might think of my abilities? Afraid of another night away from my soul mate? You name it, I came up a reason not to play.

But I loved playing hockey. It made no sense.

It didn't really cross my mind again until the next summer when my birthday rolled around and the most thoughtful person I ever met...Stacy, of course, honoured me with a gift certificate for a local hockey store. Best wife ever!

So I did it. I put all my demons to bed and I joined the team 3 years ago and have been looking forward to Tuesday nights ever since. Hanging with a great group of guys, getting my game legs back, seeing The Juice on a regular basis, and I still fitting in some QT with my special lady... usually.

Sometimes the games are late, and it's on those nights she's already out like a light. However she always wakes up enough to ask me if I had fun. "Yeah babe, best life ever" is the usual reply.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

50 50

makes me happy.

Stacy and I have an unspoken understanding about the daily duties of the house. Over the years we each have gravitated to certain chores and slowly those became individual responsibilities.

For instance, Stacy does the floors (pictured above). I do not. I'm just not that good thorough at it.

I do the laundry. Stacy does not. Infamous for shrinking my favorite 'hang dry only' shirts this is not a chore well suited for her.

Stacy does all the cooking, I'm the buss boy.

And my favorite, I cut the lawn and shovel the driveway, and Stacy, well, she picks up the dog poop, including the big spring clean up from the many, many cold winter months during which the dog is the only one using the backyard. You get the picture.

Neither one of us complains about a chore not getting done because we just know that it will. Knowing her laundry will always be done and my tummy will always be full eliminates the need for nagging and shows both respect for each other and our house.

It's my opinion that how clean we keep the outside in directly related to how clean feel on the inside.

The Tie That Binds

makes me happy.

I've mentioned it before, and I'm sure I'll mention it again, I love how the weather unites people.

No matter your race, religion or age, if you're living in the same city, you're sharing the same weather.

The wind isn't just blowing in my face, your driveway isn't the only one that needs to be shoveled and the frost isn't only clouding up her windshield.

Believe me if you will, the weather isn't the only thing humans have in common - at the end of the day we're all far more similar then we are different.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Putting Out Fires

makes me happy.

I'm feeling inspired, as of late, to share with you the nuances of my relationship with Kev.

I suppose I think it's important, and hopefully amusing, now that we're posting together, for you all to know it's not always sunshine and lollipops all day, everyday over here.

Nope. Sometimes buttons are pushed and lines are crossed but, I believe, it's the solutions we find and the lessons we learn during the trying times that will make or break us.

Not surprisingly, I remembered this little ditty while grocery shopping together today.

It'd have to be over a year ago , while out and about running some errands with Kev, that I proposed a quick trip to the grocery store.

'No problem.' Kev replied, believing quick to mean, grabbing only a few items.

And here I present the incongruity which often occurs between the things I say and the things Kev hears. As by quick I meant exactly that - fast. I grocery shop every week and I get 'er done in a snap.

Well, Kev was able to hold in his frustration about the number of items I was grabbing , though burner hotter and hotter with every one that was pitched into the basket, until we hit the last aisle, and that's when he erupted...

"I thought we were only picking up a couple of things?!?"

I paused, held my lips together long enough to recognize that retorting with...

"I don't know why you thought that jack a*#, cause that's not what I said! But what does it matter now as we're already done!" wasn't the best solution.

Instead, I smiled, lifted my arms, as in the photo above, and asked, in a calm and concerned voice...

"What would you like me to put back?"

He laughed... a lot, completely understanding his attack made no sense. It's amazing how quickly anger is diffused when it has no one to duel with.

To this day, over a year later, we're both quick to drop the 'What would you like me to put back?' line whenever we want to ease the pangs of anger the other may be feeling.

After all, I'm sure we can all absolutely agree, it's more noble to spray water then lighter fluid on a burning house.

Steppin' Outside

makes me happy.

My ego was expressing it's displeasure to Stacy the other day, about customers who saddle up to my bar with their particular beer order already in mind, which has been set in stone since the day they were legal.

Now don't get me wrong, I too have my go tos, my old faithfuls and my what have yous, but here's the rub.

The bar I work in is a beer aficionado's paradise, proudly offering over 100 different types of brews from around the world, often not including Joe Six Packs' local sauce.

Not to worry, I've gone above and beyond the call of duty acting as ambassador to each and every countries humble offerings, allowing my taste buds carte blanche on background checks.

Rest assured, when I don't got what you want, I surely have a comparable, albeit unique, suggestion.

Yet all to often, my many years of research are lost on a blank stare and an order for a rye and ginger.

Cue ego," A rye and ginger!? You've come to Mecca! Snap out of it!"

Cue Stacy, " Babe, keep in mind, a beer in a bar is marked up about 3 million percent and maybe a busy Friday night is just not the time on to be risking your drunk dollars on a foreign sud whose name you may not even be able to pronounce."

Ego, "Who can't pronounce Affligem?"

Kevyn, " Touché."

But I know I still have a point here...and another suggestion.

How about the next time you hit the beer store you create a mix pack of a couple newbies, tossed in with your old stand-bys.

Here your maximizing your ends, expanding your horizons and will hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

No matter which way you go about it, steppin' outside tastes good... and if it doesn't, it'll surely make you feel fine.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping With My Best Girl

makes me happy.

She sniffs, I look.

She stops to visit with anyone and everyone, I stay a little more focused.

She never pulls out her wallet, I do.

And still, I'd take her with me everywhere if I could.

Being Here

makes me happy.

The present moment is as it is. Always. Can you let it be?

-Eckhart Tolle

When I first read this Eckhart Tolle quote I felt a sense of peace and aliveness.

I felt the same way when I passed by the little sign above while out and about one day.

I thought, 'Well of course I am, where else would I be?

Being here is brilliant.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Reenactment

makes me happy.

As Kev mentioned below we worked a catered function together this morning.

I got up at six after going to bed at one.

Not complaining - just saying is all.

Now one of the perks of working catered events is that they usually send extra food for the staff as the functions can be long and it's impossible to take any real kind of break. Today's event was a nod to England and this mornings fry up included scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, eggy bread and baked beans. Everything was a hit and all was polished off except the beans.

No biggie - I like beans.

Well it was sometime between severing breakfast and setting up for lunch when I grabbed the bowl of baked beans I made myself and got a few bites in before some loud, obnoxious voice from the peanut gallery Kevyn chimed in...

'You're really feastin' on those beans!'

And that's when I gave him The Look.

Does a girl EVER want to be told she's really feastin' on anything?

I think Kevyn quickly figured out the answer to that question is... no.

'I mean, I was just saying, isn't it interesting that you're eating and I'm not?' was his next line.

If I hadn't broken into gut wrenching laughter the conversation could have gone from bad to really, really bad.

But it didn't. And that's because we will both choose laughing over fighting EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK.

And that is why the reenactment makes me so happy - it's already become a fond memory of a very funny moment in our relationship.

My Morning Brew

makes my happy.

Stacy and I were up at the crack of dawn this morning. It's a rare occasion when we rise with that yellow dwarf that centers our solar system.

We departed around 6:45 am, now having to gone to bed around 1:30am after bartending the night before, the Z's were few and far between.

Before venturing into uncharted waters of the 905 (a subdivision of Toronto), I decided to brew a little playlist on my ipod for the journey.

Now, not being coffee drinkers, Stacy and I were runnin' on fumes, so as soon as we hit the highway, I hit the play button.

As the music filled the car and we cruised along, it was when Grizzly Bear began singing " While You Wait for the Others" that it dawned on me.

I looked over to my love and said "I think music is my brew."

The music was filled with passion, soul and a purpose.

Everything I wanted to start my day... and it was all caffeine free.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hidin' The Stickers

makes me happy.

I have this funny little habit of stickin' my fruit and veggie stickers on the under side of the top cupboards.

As much as I like the way all those stickers look all mashed together, I realized it's a bit of a naughty, lazy habit...

maybe that's why it's so fun to do!

Change, Hope, Progress

makes me happy.

Need I say more?

Kudos America!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Wee Bit of Foresight

makes me happy.

This afternoon Kevyn and I took Cash to the local ravine...

to play with some dogs...

and snap some photos.

The weather in Toronto has been hovering around the refreshing - 11° C mark.

You know what I have to say about that?

Best be wearing your long johns yo!


makes me happy.

Cashius has patience.

With both parents being amateur photographers... she needs it.

Sure she would love to be skating across the ice in the shot above, chasing her favourite ball, slip sliding along, but she is willing to tolerate delay (while mom & dad fumble with their cameras), channel her inner super model and stand still.


Well, I'm guessing because standing still, right there, right now, just isn't so bad.

She is probably aware, on some level, how her patience is bringing joy to the special person on the other end of the lens, and that probably feels as good to her as does the actual chase.

It often feels to me that so many humans of the world are in one big rush to be doing something other then what their doing right now.

That's gotta suck. Constant feelings of angst and anxiety. Unhappiness with the now.

What if we all channeled our inner super models next time we are standing in line at the bank, imaging we're making someone on the other end of the security camera happy?

Or even simpler, find a way to feel content in the now.

See other examples of Cash's patience here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

No Excuses

makes me happy.

I use to make excuses.

I was good at it too. I could find a reason to blame the weather, my parents, complete strangers, and more often then not Stacy for any sort of failings I may have been encountering.

I could play hard done by, cheated, done wrong and the victim as long as I didn't have to take responsibility for my problems - everything would be A-Okay.

But that way of behaving comes with a price - totally lack of control. You begin to believe the path of your life is being completely determined by outside factors, that you're just the puppet while someone else controls the strings.

It was once I began to pay attention to the feelings of guilt I had when not taking any responsibility that I realized I was only lying to myself.

Now, when I feel an excuse coming on, I pause and think 'What could I have done differently?'

By carrying the burden for my mistakes I now, not only, learn from them, am also freed from them.

Meaningful Work

makes me happy.

I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's latest book Outliers.

Already a fan of Gladwell's since reading his other two books, The Tipping Point - How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference and Blink - The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, I was super stoked when I found out Outliers was The Story of Success.

As any of you who have been visiting me here for a while are aware, I'm very interested in uncovering and sharing the how's and why's of personal success.

While the book is filled with many, many interesting stories and theories, it is Gladwell's suggestion that it takes three specific things to make one's work satisfying; autonomy, complexity and a connection between effort and reward, that resonated the loudest with me.

Add in a splash of creativity and Gladwell proposes you're on your way to feeling fulfilled by doing meaningful work.

It is my opinion that the majority of people in North America feel fulfilled by their work if their pay cheques are bigger then those of whom their egos are competing with.

A wee bit harsh?

Perhaps, but it would be impossible for me to continue this meaningful work - creating content for The Best Life Ever - if I were anything but honest.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Healthy Habits

make me happy

Currently, I'm stuck on a bowl of chopped up fruit and organic yogurt for breakfast.

Often when I find a healthy habit that works... I stick with.

Having said that I want you to know - I'm a huge proponent for change.

It is, after all, the only constant, so I say - let's not only embrace it and why not encourage it.

Even right down to the small things like, mixing up which seat you take on the subway, which path you walk the dog on, and which beat to drive to work.

Especially, if you're not feeling totally satisfied with your current life situations, as you never know who you may end up sitting next to, what lovely tree you may walk under or what friendly face you may pass when you step out of your box.

Oh, and there's also that little theory Einstein proposed about change, or lack there of...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So here's to a mixed up, innovative, varied weekend for all my friends!

The Gordon Gekko

makes me happy.

Last night Gooderhams invited Stacy and I over for dinner.

To our pleasant surprise, Dave and Emma also got an invite.

Well it was an evening full of wine, cheese, shrimp, veggies, conversation about where we're at, where we're heading and of course a little bit about where we've been.

And that's when Sammy pulled out the old photos albums. I'm not talkin' jpegs here people, no these were for real, in a book, printed on paper photos!

We have some laughs constantly poking fun at our young faces, our fashion scares, and of course my different hairs.

Some liked it short, others like it long, everyones got an opinion.

It was then when Dave inquired whether or not I could pull off the Gordon Gekko?

So for Dave. For fun. And for a slick start to the weekend... here you go.

'Greed is good.'

Aright, so maybe greed's not good but, there ain't nothing wrong with a sick power do.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letting It Go

makes me happy.

I couldn't take a decent photo to save my life today.

It got frustrating.

And then when I let go of my self imposed pressure to produce... it became funny.

So here, from the archives, an oldie but a goodie, that does the trick and gives you the idea how proud I feel to accept my crummy camera skills today and MOVE ON.

The First Step

makes me happy.

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Or in this case...“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole path, just make sure your boots are warm...and waterproof.”

- Kevyn Billington

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Fond Farewell

makes me happy.

Last week one of our readers, Becca, wrote in and asked how we consciously chose positive reactions and attitudes.

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, once I had read a few books about spirituality and The Law of Attraction my choices were easy to make as it became clear as day to me that to live a peaceful happy life - there was no other way.

With permission from my humble husband I'd like to tell you the shift wasn't quite as easy for him. The ego was strong and old habits and negative ways of thinking were harder to break.

My first suggestion to him, and the one he's since told me made the biggest impact was...

"Just don't say it."

Although your mind may racing with negative ideas, opinions and feelings, by simply keeping your mouth shut, you'll begin to change your world.

Choosing our words is A LOT easier then choosing our thoughts so begin there.

You are not your ego. And once the real you takes over control of the words that leave your mouth, it won't take long for your ego to realize he's become engaged in losing battle.

Not only will you be physically putting out fewer negative vibrations into the world, your ego will quickly tire.

Rest assured - with no one listening, the almighty ego often decides to move on.

And to that we'll wave goodbye to him, our dark voices AND our our cynical thoughts.

Au revoir!

The Trifecta of Listening

makes me happy.

Stacy and I talk. Whether we 're at home, grocery shopping or at work texting each other . We're talkin'. We both believe communication is an integreal part of a successful relationship.

But with all that talking, comes listening. It took me years to master the art of listening and still, after many years, I'm still learning.

I used to listen to people without the intention of understanding them. I listened with the intent to reply. I was preparing to speak while ideas were still being presented to me.

So really, I was only 'hearing' and 'preparing,' quickly losing focus of their words and visual cues, blanky staring and waiting for my turn to speak.

Not cool.

People don't just want to be heard, they want to be understood and appreciated. I now believe listening is the greatest contribution to the conversation I could make and have even begun to challenge myself to listen not only with my ears, but with my eyes and heart as well.

The trifecta!

You hear me?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moon Shadows

make me happy.

I came home from work the other night and the sky had been commandeered by this impressive moon.

I felt like a small grain of sand on a endless white beach. And yet somehow, still significant.

And as I tried to get all artsy and take a flashless photo of this majestic tree shadow which was being cast upon the brilliant white canvas of fresh snow... Cashuis decided it was the perfect setting for some poop art.

The true artiste.

Her Look Of Bemusement

make me happy

If Cashius were in charge of the grocery shopping around here the fridge would look completely different.

Whenever we're unloading the groceries Cash will do walk by sniffing and pause just long enough to give us this look. To which we always mock her back with - 'Where's the beef?'

Although neither of us abstain from meat, when eating at home veggies make up the bulk of most meals. And knowing all the wonderful things they do for us, plus the light and lively way they make us feel, compounded with the way they make us poop; it doesn't look like the shopping list will be revamped any time soon.

Sorry Cash - carry on.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Fridge At The End Of The Week

makes me happy.

I grocery shop once a week and this is what this is what our fridge looks like the day before I do so.

Aside from a few salad dressings, condiments and beers, our fridge is.... empty!

Knowing I'm not feeding Kevyn and myself with processed food that can live in there for months on end, mastering the art of buying just enough food to fill our tummies and nutritional needs per week so that very little, if anything, gets wasted, and being able to wipe my shelves clean every week...

oh how wonderful it all feels!

A Little Hole In The Wall

makes me happy.

Last night Stacy and I ventured out to celebrate Laura's birthday.

And there she is. Holding her brow due to the head butt she just received from this dude standing in between us.

Perhaps in some other bar, on another day of the week, in a different city, within some other country this would have been grounds for 'when good times go bad.'

But not at The Dakota Tavern, on a Sunday night in Toronto Canada.

No, this is where this is where good times come to stay!

A country kitschy basement bar, with a live bluegrass band and orange wall sconces seems to be the perfect recipe for an unpretentious night of friendly folk, splendid suds, and moxie music.

Here's to stumbling upon your very own local hole in the wall.


Friday, January 9, 2009

The Energy From Trees

makes me happy.

When I walk Cashius in the morning I now breathe in all kinds of energy from the trees we pass.

This way I'm not tempted to steal it from others humans, in fact, I do just the opposite and focus on sharing it with those whose paths I cross.

Not to worry, the trees don't mind - they're not blocked up with huge egos so the energy flows freely through them.

To a free flowing weekend for all my friends!

"I was talking to myself about you"

makes me happy.

A couple of weeks ago Stacy and I had the pleasure of seeing Wilco live. The feeling was intoxicating.

A couple of days ago while "Walken" Cashuis, this song made its way from my ipod to my headphones and it energized me.

I thought it might do the same for you.

Walken by Wilco
Album Sky Blue Sky

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Magic Ingredient

makes me happy.

Not trying to toot my own horn here but, chicks dig my hair.

Thanks in part some lucky genes but in even larger part to Stacy.

For the past three years, with one exception, Stacy's taken responsibility for maintaining my long golden locks.

Is it because she enjoys holding sharp shears near my neck or for the love of the ammonium scent that fills the air while she's busy at work?

No, no, it's for the pure joy she feels when she runs her fingers through it.

Rest assure I give credit where credit is do.

When stopped by the fashion forward ladies of Toronto wondering where I get my hair done I'm always quick to tell them 'At home by my wife.'

'Well what does she use on it?' is usually the nest question.

I can tell by the anticipation in their eyes they think they're about to hit pay dirt and learn the magic ingredient that will put an end to their $250 salon visits.

'L'Oreal Feria Extra Bleach Blonde' I answer.

'But the magic ingredient is... love.'

Starting The Sale

makes me happy.

While still riding high on our new year's vibes, Kev and I got our act together and just posted something fun on the Salvage Gardeners.

Go see!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Rats Nest

makes me happy.

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is check my email.

Last night for the first time in forever I shut down my computer.

That affected my morning routine in a couple of ways.

Firstly, I had to wait a whole 90 seconds before said checking could begin and secondly, my Skype application launched and I was reminded of just how my fun it is to video chat.

So away I went. Three minutes into my day I decide to start ringing people up and was pleasantly surprised when I make a couple of connections!

And then my image popped up on the screen.

'Hmmm - maybe I should have run a comb through my hair?' was the first thing that jumped to mind.

And as quickly as I had the thought it dissipated. Wanna know why?

Because it was so very easy to discern that the two lovely ladies on the other end of the line were more excited to have a early morning visit from me then they were to pass judgement on my bed-head.

And this folks, is how I determine who to spend on my valuable time with - those who love me rats nest and all.

My Winter Workout-land

makes me happy.

Last night Toronto was smacked with a hefty snow storm. Although we didn't have to call in the army, it still was 15cm (6 inches for our imperial American friends) of damp heavy snow, or as I like to call it Snowball Makin' Snow.

For many, a snow storm means one thing...shoveling.

I do not stand alone from the many as I have not one, but two driveways to shovel - remember the in laws who live next door?

And although the thought of shoveling 15 cm of wet snow (twice), does initially sound like a nightmare I've found a couple of ways to make it work for me...

1 - create a phat playlist

2 - treat my shovel as the latest innovation in resistance equipment

3 - get the heart pumping as steady as it would if I were on a treadmill set at 8

4 - and focus on using the proper technique the same way I do when I hit the yoga mat with Stac

Before I know it I'm knee deep into a great workout!

Same shoveling - different perspective.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Andy's Journey

makes me happy.

Kevyn's twin brother Andy has been staying with us on the weekends for the past few months and spent quite a bit of time here over the holiday season.

There are many things about spending time with Andy that make me happy but nothing more so then when he shares his personal insights about the spiritual journey he's on - go figure.

And while many a memorable maxims have left his lips over the past few weeks this one had to be my favourite, "The only thing you can control in life is your reactions."

Did you get that people?

It is impossible for somebody else to make you angry, mad, short, or irritated, when the options of happy, collected, patient, and joyous are always available you.

Happy pickings!

My Brother

makes me happy.

I'm a firm believer in the saying, 'You can choose your friends but not your family.'

What that means to me is, choose friends that add to your life in positive ways and learn to accept family members whom you don't see eye to eye with as equally special people who are on their own seemingly successful path - albeit a very different path from your own.

Sometimes, if we're lucky, a family member will fall into both categories.

Such is the case with Andy.

With all the choices in world at our finger tips it feels great to know that I would choo, choo, choose him as a friend and confidant any day of the week.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Together Again

makes me happy.

When Kev and I first began dating - ten or so years back - he got a job working in the same bar as me.

Although not without it's challenging moments, the good far out weighed the bad, and we always aspired to do again.

So when Kev approached me back in December about merging our sites, creating one place with two perspectives on where to find joy, and working together share our message with the world that happiness is a choice, I was all like 'Giddy - Up!'

Welcome to our dream job.

I hope Kev's points of view, stories, photographs and words inspire you as much as they do me to live your best life ever.

New Beginnings

make me happy.

Here's to taking down the holiday Christmas lights, gingerly packing away the heirloom ornaments, folding up all the thoughtful cards and, of course, storing away the leather snowmen until next year.

Let it not be a time to feel blue, but rather the opposite.

Enjoy it as you would the smell of a new car, the clipping off of the tag on a new shirt, or your first at bat of a new season of softball.

For me, this is a time of year when my dreams are vivid, my hopes are high, and the anticipation of being The Best Kevyn That Kevyn Can Be raises my vibrations to a whole other level.

Good-bye leather snowman - hello new beginnings!