Tuesday, January 27, 2009

50 50

makes me happy.

Stacy and I have an unspoken understanding about the daily duties of the house. Over the years we each have gravitated to certain chores and slowly those became individual responsibilities.

For instance, Stacy does the floors (pictured above). I do not. I'm just not that good thorough at it.

I do the laundry. Stacy does not. Infamous for shrinking my favorite 'hang dry only' shirts this is not a chore well suited for her.

Stacy does all the cooking, I'm the buss boy.

And my favorite, I cut the lawn and shovel the driveway, and Stacy, well, she picks up the dog poop, including the big spring clean up from the many, many cold winter months during which the dog is the only one using the backyard. You get the picture.

Neither one of us complains about a chore not getting done because we just know that it will. Knowing her laundry will always be done and my tummy will always be full eliminates the need for nagging and shows both respect for each other and our house.

It's my opinion that how clean we keep the outside in directly related to how clean feel on the inside.

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Suze said...

I absolutely would clean the floors more if I had one of those machines in my house.