Monday, January 12, 2009

A Little Hole In The Wall

makes me happy.

Last night Stacy and I ventured out to celebrate Laura's birthday.

And there she is. Holding her brow due to the head butt she just received from this dude standing in between us.

Perhaps in some other bar, on another day of the week, in a different city, within some other country this would have been grounds for 'when good times go bad.'

But not at The Dakota Tavern, on a Sunday night in Toronto Canada.

No, this is where this is where good times come to stay!

A country kitschy basement bar, with a live bluegrass band and orange wall sconces seems to be the perfect recipe for an unpretentious night of friendly folk, splendid suds, and moxie music.

Here's to stumbling upon your very own local hole in the wall.


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