Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Magic Ingredient

makes me happy.

Not trying to toot my own horn here but, chicks dig my hair.

Thanks in part some lucky genes but in even larger part to Stacy.

For the past three years, with one exception, Stacy's taken responsibility for maintaining my long golden locks.

Is it because she enjoys holding sharp shears near my neck or for the love of the ammonium scent that fills the air while she's busy at work?

No, no, it's for the pure joy she feels when she runs her fingers through it.

Rest assure I give credit where credit is do.

When stopped by the fashion forward ladies of Toronto wondering where I get my hair done I'm always quick to tell them 'At home by my wife.'

'Well what does she use on it?' is usually the nest question.

I can tell by the anticipation in their eyes they think they're about to hit pay dirt and learn the magic ingredient that will put an end to their $250 salon visits.

'L'Oreal Feria Extra Bleach Blonde' I answer.

'But the magic ingredient is... love.'


Red Hott Martini said...

The magic ingredients are always the best!

Kat said...

Curious . . . that is what I put into my cookies (Love not hair bleach).

kgale said...

this is such a great photo - oh my god!!!!!

Zelmarific said...

That magic ingredient is always the same.

I love this blog.