Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Reenactment

makes me happy.

As Kev mentioned below we worked a catered function together this morning.

I got up at six after going to bed at one.

Not complaining - just saying is all.

Now one of the perks of working catered events is that they usually send extra food for the staff as the functions can be long and it's impossible to take any real kind of break. Today's event was a nod to England and this mornings fry up included scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, eggy bread and baked beans. Everything was a hit and all was polished off except the beans.

No biggie - I like beans.

Well it was sometime between severing breakfast and setting up for lunch when I grabbed the bowl of baked beans I made myself and got a few bites in before some loud, obnoxious voice from the peanut gallery Kevyn chimed in...

'You're really feastin' on those beans!'

And that's when I gave him The Look.

Does a girl EVER want to be told she's really feastin' on anything?

I think Kevyn quickly figured out the answer to that question is... no.

'I mean, I was just saying, isn't it interesting that you're eating and I'm not?' was his next line.

If I hadn't broken into gut wrenching laughter the conversation could have gone from bad to really, really bad.

But it didn't. And that's because we will both choose laughing over fighting EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK.

And that is why the reenactment makes me so happy - it's already become a fond memory of a very funny moment in our relationship.


drollgirl said...

really feastin'?!?!?! that is hilarious!!!

justme said...

for my birthday, we went to this restaurant and i ordered a PETITE filet. i stress....PETITE. there was not a lot to it. anyway, we are almost done and t says, "wow, you really chowed that one down". he got the sideways look (variation on "THE LOOK"). he had the same reaction, "i mean, it must have really been must have really liked it" :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this, my man does the same when he sees me eat. Makes a big deal about it, oh your really taking into that food arent ya. I know its because he aint got any and is waiting for the response "oh have this huni, I'll get some more" yeah right those words never come out of my mouth go get your veggin out here is more like it!!.