Monday, January 26, 2009

Steppin' Outside

makes me happy.

My ego was expressing it's displeasure to Stacy the other day, about customers who saddle up to my bar with their particular beer order already in mind, which has been set in stone since the day they were legal.

Now don't get me wrong, I too have my go tos, my old faithfuls and my what have yous, but here's the rub.

The bar I work in is a beer aficionado's paradise, proudly offering over 100 different types of brews from around the world, often not including Joe Six Packs' local sauce.

Not to worry, I've gone above and beyond the call of duty acting as ambassador to each and every countries humble offerings, allowing my taste buds carte blanche on background checks.

Rest assured, when I don't got what you want, I surely have a comparable, albeit unique, suggestion.

Yet all to often, my many years of research are lost on a blank stare and an order for a rye and ginger.

Cue ego," A rye and ginger!? You've come to Mecca! Snap out of it!"

Cue Stacy, " Babe, keep in mind, a beer in a bar is marked up about 3 million percent and maybe a busy Friday night is just not the time on to be risking your drunk dollars on a foreign sud whose name you may not even be able to pronounce."

Ego, "Who can't pronounce Affligem?"

Kevyn, " Touché."

But I know I still have a point here...and another suggestion.

How about the next time you hit the beer store you create a mix pack of a couple newbies, tossed in with your old stand-bys.

Here your maximizing your ends, expanding your horizons and will hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

No matter which way you go about it, steppin' outside tastes good... and if it doesn't, it'll surely make you feel fine.



Anonymous said...

We all have our little ways, drinking and eating the same things is like comfort who wants to waste money on something that they may not like. Going into a bar and knowing before you reach the bar what your having makes more time for drinking and less hassle for barman........meaning more tips for you and that aint a bad thing now is it :O).

drollgirl said...

ok. i could stand to try some new beer! i always grab my standby but i'll try others for fun. yay.