Friday, February 27, 2009

All Good

makes me happy.

I think a lot about how quickly we humans pass judgment on, and label, everything.

Good, bad, pretty, ugly, pure, evil, on and on we go.

Have you ever thought about how often you've then changed you're opinion after the fact. You know, how in your teens bright pink lip smackers defined a beautiful mouth in your eyes but, as you moved into your twenties you wouldn't be caught dead wearing it?

Could begin to get a little confusing.

And what happens when everyone else around the planet is doing the exact same thing - labeling and judging everything and their versions of good and evil differ from yours?

Arguments? Fights? Wars?

So this why I'm thinking if I gotta call it something I'm gonna say it's allll good.

Because to someone, somewhere I'm sure everything holds a positive value full of goodness, love and beauty.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Changing Myself

makes me happy.

One of the most important lessons that I'm learning in my life is that if I want change, it has to come from within.

I used to get frustrated when people did or said things that weren't my cup of tea. I couldn't believe they were behaving in such a way, I would be full of opinions and would often toss Stacy my two cents on why they should change.

Then one day, while expressing my adverse assessment about something someone had done, Stacy kindly let me know that I was the one with the problem not them.


She went on to explain, that while perhaps their behaviour wasn't her cup of tea either, and may not be the way she would choose to handle the given situation, that the person in question obviously was doing what worked best for them, and if I didn't like it then I should choose not to participate in future discussions with them on this topic. Basically, she thinks when we want to change another person, it's our own ego fighting for it's need to be right.

Really, why would I care how someone else behaves? I believe Stacy is right, in that, everyone is doing the best they can, to live their own best life ever, and if that happens to be in contradiction with the way I chose to live my best life then there's a simply solution... accept them the way they are or move on.

So, I've learned to back away from those thoughts, those feelings of wanting to be right, to be heard, to have it my way and let people be who they are and not what I want them to be. I've made the change inside to accept everyone and focus only on changing the only person I ever can... myself.

And with this, I've noticed relationships have become stronger, love has become more abundant and most important massive egos deflated, conquered and defeated.

Change is the new black.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


make me happy.

I'm a napper. I love napping. I'm a Leo. Cats sleep for at least 16 hours a day. Cats are true Zen masters.

I think I could nap anywhere, anytime and anyplace. If they made napping an Olympic Sport, I would definitely be carrying the Canadian flag for the opening ceremonies.

I enjoy the energy boost that I receive when I awake. It's not the same when you wake from a night's sleep. I feel groggy, I drag my feet, I can't pay attention to anything for more the 10 seconds. But after a nap.. BOOM! I'm ready to go.

Stacy is not a napper. Although, in my eyes, she's perfect in most ways this is one area where she's let the ball drop. I think she struggles with the gulit of napping.

I was listening to Deepak Chopra on Sirrus radio a while back and listener called in to ask why it was that every time he tried to meditate he felt like he was going to fall asleep. Deepak was quick with this simple explanation, "Because you're tired, take a nap. "

Brilliant! It's okay to knock off a half hour or so when you're body is telling you that your tired - listen to it.

Once and a while, Stacy listens. It is on those days that I have the BEST NAPS EVER.

All this thinking and typing about napping... head... so... heavy... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubv0000o,bhu566666666666666666666666666uwvbhuguvbtvzzzzzzzz

His Ways Of Coping

make me happy.

We all have our individual ways of coping with the parts of life we find difficult.

I, for example, use acceptance. I try to accept every moment as it is without resistance.

Kevyn, on the other hand, much like Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, uses sex and awesomeness.

Hey - whatever gets you through the day with a smile on your face.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fantasy Baseball

makes me happy.

I just received an email from 'The Commish' officially launching our 2009 Fantasy Baseball Season.

Although the season hasn't started yet, the email brings with it a feeling of change... a change in seasons. It's not that I have a problem with winter, it's just that I'm f*$kin' freezing already and simply reading the words in the email began thawing me out.

Our Fantasy Baseball season also brings together a group of guys that lead very busy lives. Some guys live far and abroad, some work 7 days a week and some whom I now seem to have a purely seasonal relationship with.

Ahhh - every message posted on our smack talk board smells like the flowers in bloom, birds singing in the trees and is warming the cockles of my heart.

Sweet, sweet spring!

Her Friendly Ways

make me happy.

While out and about on our walk this morning, Cashius and I ran into this little white fluffy dog and it's lady owner. We were in a park so both dogs were off leash. The little white fluffy dog ran up to Cash and sniffed her butt. I smiled and said hello to the lady and kept on walking. At this age Cash has very little interest in most dogs, with the exception of her old tried and true buddies.

So her dog sniffed Cash and Cash sniffed her's and then was done and began trotting off to catch up with me. The little white fluffy dog obviously liked what it smelled because it starting trotting along right behind Cash with it's nose still stuck up her butt. Cash couldn't care less.

And then in a high pitched panicked voice the owner lady yells out at me...

"Is your dog friendly?!?!"

I paused for a moment thinking, 'Alright lady, the dogs have been interacting for over a minute and my dog's been nothing but cordial to your butt sniffer and is now walking away from your dog and you're worried now if my dog is friendly or not?!?'

"Doesn't she look friendly?" was the response I had to yell back, as Cash and I were now half way across the park.

I know it was a bit of a smart ass answer, and I really don't like responding to any question like that, as I truly believe there are no stupid questions but sometimes, sometimes I just find certain questions so confusing.

Still, next time I'm just going to wave, smile and sing back...

"You betcha ya!"

then, both Cashius and I will be able to trot our friendly asses off into the morning sun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not My Cup of Tea

makes me happy.

The other day, while driving to the grocery store, an Easy Listening Could Be Made On My Home Computer kinda song came on the radio and the word hate, along with a couple other choice ones, popped right out of my mouth.

A moment of silence passed before I turned to Stacy and said, "I think I'm going to stop using the word hate."

All of a sudden I realized, it just doesn't feel good to hate things - anything.

What a downer reaction, clearly loaded with baggage about how my taste is somehow superior to someone else's.

Now, with this being said, don't bank on me liking everything either. I still think it's important for every individual to have their own personal inclinations and preferences, that's what makes us each unique, I just don't think it's necessary to hate.

So, instead of hating, I'm trying, "It's just not my cup of tea" on for size.

After all, is a cup of tea ever really offensive? Like most things in life aren't ever created to hurt, harm, or horrify, they just are... are for some - and not for others and that's just fine by me.

As my grandma used to say... "If we all liked the same things there would be line ups everywhere." So please, carry on enjoying whatever type of music is your cup of tea, leaving the Animal Collective ticket cue shorter for me.

Truckin' Along

makes me happy.

Another doctor's appointment today - 15 weeks and truckin' along!

I always love the doctor's appointments because we get to hear the baby's heart beat - reassuring me I still pregnant, as that seems to be the only hook in this wonderfully easy pregnancy.

That's right - no sickness, no turn offs, no mood swings, really - no nothings.

I'm still eating super healthy but have eased up on some of my more restrictive habits, allowing myself to indulge in more nuts, cheese and bread. And with that - has come the weight gain.

Now, if I wasn't pregnant and began sporting these extra 8lbs, I'd have been out jogging 10km a day 4lbs ago. But I am pregnant, and so, learning to embrace all changes the ol' bod is going through, grateful for it's ability to carry our little blessing.

To my delight, Kev has been able to join me for all appointments so far, making me laugh and keeping me entertained as he expands his knowledge of breast pumps and cervix's and the baby's position in utero thanks to the educational posters hung around the office.

This one, seen above, holds an extra special place in our hearts as our dear friends Al & Adel, who had a baby last year at the same hospital, used to return from their appointments trying to explain how funny they thought it was until they finally peeled it off the wall and brought it home for us to see.

Apparently the hospital had some back ups!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Not Mincing Words

makes me happy.

Kevyn proposed an interesting theory to me today. He wondered, if I agreed that...

'when people say they are a proud person, they are admitting, in the gentlest way possible, that the ego is strong within them?'

After a moment of thought I replied...

'I suppose they are... I suppose they are.'

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The White Light Inside Of You

makes me happy.

More often then not - I don't know the lyrics to the songs I love. In fact I'm sure, more often then not - I'm making them up as I sing along.

Not is the case with Wilco's What Light.

You don't have to listen much farther then the first verse...

If you feel like singing a song
And you want other people to sing along
Then just sing what you feel
Don't let anyone say it's wrong

to understand this song's powerful message.

It sums up exactly how I feel about this website.

I only ever sing what I feel like singing on these pages and only those who want to sing along need visit me here. I'm 100% positive, if I'm not singing your tune you'll be able to find someone else who is!

Ahhh - the freedom of choice!

And now for your listening pleasure...

Soft & White

makes me happy.

It snowed again in Toronto last night.

With eyes wide open it's beautiful but, if I squint my eyes just a little... all that soft white snow kind of turns into soft white sand.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Stacy Tree

makes me happy.

Up here in the great white north we have a hamburger chain called Harvey's. The gimmick of this burger joint is that they have an employee dress your burger exactly the way you want it.

So as a marketing campaign, a person would come in and tell them what they want on the burger and they named that burger after the person ordering it. For example - a burger fixed cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomato, mayo, hot peppers & a pickle on the side would be named The Kevyn Burger!

I do have a point here.

Stacy and I on to a little park filled with many trees. Some tall, some small. But there one, one special tree that always catches my eye.

It is like no other in the park. Not the tallest tree nor the shortest. Not the oldest or the youngest.

It is bold, strong, grounded and deeply rooted. Smooth, oh so smooth, with so many branches reaching up to the sky.

Marvelous in the spring, complete in the summer, graceful in the fall, and fit through the winter.

It's doesn't want to be the most flashy tree in the park, it just wants to be.

Just my kind of tree or, as I've so appropriately named it...

The Stacy Tree.

In Love

makes me happy.

As much as I can already feel the love for our wee little baby,

and as much as I expect that love to grow each and everyday for the rest of his or her life,

there remains only one person I am in love with...

my husband.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Chin Up Bar

makes me happy.

Santa brought me a chin up bar for Christmas this year.

Now, I'm not one to indulge in "as seen on TV" merchandise, but this one made sense to me.

I work out from home. I'm have a very limited inventory of equipment. Dumbbells, a yoga mat, suggestions from the original random exerciser (my wife), a creative mind and a subscription to Men's Health.

But the body was craving more. Or maybe the tv told my body it was craving more.

It was during a commercial break of a basketball game I was watching when I saw this chin up bar that fits in your doorway. Sold! Especially after just reading that the chin up was a fantastic exercise. Thanks again universe! And it wasn't just the chin ups that hooked me, it was also designed to add a plethora of exercises to my repertoire.

Cravings fulfilled! True to it's claims - the bar has added a wide variety of exercises to my routine, using muscles I just wasn't reaching before and adding that much needed spice I was looking for.

Who doesn't love TV?

Family Day

makes me happy.

Last year our province of Ontario graciously added another statutory holiday to the calendar, Family Day - celebrated on the third Monday in the month of February, coinciding with Presidents Day down south and adding a much break to our long winter up north.

Well it was a gloriously sunny weekend - perfect for long walks with Cash...

and spending time with the fam!

We began the celebrations early with Kev and Andy's mom popping by for a visit on Sunday.

Take some freshly brewed coffee, some chopped up fruit, a hot pot of green tea...

add in some homemade tea biscuits, two soon to be grandmothers, a brother and the dog and you've got the makings for some quite interesting and funny conversations.

Grocery shopping, Jamaican patties, and euchre rounded out the rest of our Sunday.

Monday morning began with Eggle Bagels over at my parents house - which I totally meant to take a photo of but, apparently got so overly excited to eat them that I totally forgot - so please enjoy this photo of my sister's little guy Boggie instead.

Cards, scrabble...

and trying to get a decent photo of all the 'cousins' together were on the agenda for the rest of the day.

Cash, why are you doing that with your ears?

I wonder if this will be what's it's like with the soon-to-be human ones?

Kelly and I rocked the scrabble board with a 75 point lay down of the word 'czars.'

That's right mom - CZARS!

Our evening alone included the first episode in the new season of The Amazing Race. Was anyone else peeing their pants during the cheese challenge?

I was dying with laughter!

An evening walk and a viewing of Revolutionary Road.

Now, if you haven't seen the movie you might want to skip this paragraph.

Loved the acting, loved the 1950's home decor eye candy, but seriously had trouble relating to this couple's issues. Are you telling me with all the blessings this woman's been graced with she couldn't find ANYTHING meaningful to do with her life in suburbia if she couldn't be an actress? Really?!? And him - so afraid of failing he's afraid of even trying? Who would EVER judge someone negatively for trying and failing? And if you decide it's easier to play it safe with what you already got going then to stick your neck out and go for gold, then find the joy, passion and meaning in it (I'd like to think he was trying to do that right near the end). Still - thought it was well worth a go see if you can walk away from it with ideas on how not to live life.

Finally we lied down in bed and turned of the 24hour local news channel to check out the up coming weather. They were showing clips of how people around the city were taking advantage of Family Day, lots of visits to the museum, Casa Loma and outdoor skating.

Of course, they had to present the down side to Family Day, which the experts estimate cost the province 2 billion dollars in lost production, and Mike on the street thinks is just a bad idea during this economic down turn.

At which point I turned to Kev and firmly stated 'Yeah - I don't I want to be friends with Mike.'

Slept like a baby.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Bun In The Oven

makes me happy.

So we're having a baby!

After four years of marriage and nearly eleven years together we finally decided to pull the trigger.

It's been wonderfully exciting, we're incredibly happy and feel blessed beyond imagination.

I'm looking forward to sharing updates, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams here and hope you'll be quick to let me know if we get too baby crazy.

As always, I'll be completely honest but, as usual, expect me to focus mainly on the positives. I'm sure you know by now that I just don't really get the point of complaining but, the blessing of being pregnant holds an especially sacred place in my heart.

You see, for the last five years or so I've watched my sister and brother-in-law suffer through the difficulties of conception and two rounds of unsuccessful IVF. There is nothing trying enough about pregnancy that could ever compare to the heartache they've endured.

But I will tell you something that does make it even more special... the third time was a charm and my sister and I are expecting little ones within two months of each other!


February The 13th

makes me happy.

Stacy and I have never been big fans of Valentines Day. We actually got married 4 years ago today as a little protest to the day.

Don't get me wrong it, I think it is a great reminder for people to appreciate what we have. I understand life can get busy and we can lose focus of what or who's important to us but, not when it comes to love! Love's all we ever got.

We say, let everyday be a day of love. As much as Stacy enjoys it when I bring home flowers for her, I know she equally appreciates a little foot rub, a hot cup of tea when she's banging away on the computer, or a fresh towel held wide open for when she steps out of the shower.

It's the little things.

That we do for each other everyday.

I love you baby and Happy Anniversary.

To four more!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr Not So Right

makes me happy.

I was asked recently what I thought made my relationship with Kev a success. While you may expect a very Hallmark response such as, he's my one true love or we're simply perfect for each other, that's just not the case.

It's so much more square then that.

Something we very much have in common is neither of us likes to fight. You know those couples who seem to thrive on fighting? Constantly poking fun and challenging the other's ideas or opinions? Yeah, that's not us.

Even in our earliest days together, when fights were more fierce and frequent, we both had the courage and consciousness to step back from the situation and evaluate what exactly was going on. More often then not, one or both of us had become attached to the notion of being right. That my friends is the ego at play. Make the other person wrong, take their power, be the winner, be stronger, be smarter, basically be better and make them lesser. Deadly.

Now once we became aware of this nasty little game our egos played it became really easy to stop. After all, why would I want to be right? Ever? Seriously, if you can give me one good reason to identify with a mental position so strongly that I need to argue and fight with anyone who disagrees, I'd like to hear it.

I just don't have the energy for that - neither does Kev. And that's why, as I've mentioned here and here, I think our arguments can be diffused so easily and quickly, because loving and laughing rank soooo much higher on our Important In Life scale then does the need to be right.

Understand, I don't necessarily agree 100% with Kevyn, or everyone else's for that matter, opinions but, I do always enjoy listening, being open, and expanding my perspective of the world because of them. I also enjoy surrounding myself with people that offer my ideas the same respect - especially if they're my main squeeze!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drip Drip Drip

makes me happy.

I know winter's not over, and to be honest I'm actually not ready to be done with it yet (my mom's cursing me right now!), but I sure am enjoying this melt...

and the funky fog it's brought with it.

Ridin' it Out

makes me happy.

When I woke up yesterday, I didn't feel right. I was out of sync, a step behind. I had little or no motivation to do anything. I couldn't explain it.

Stac and I tried to figure out what was going on in my head but, we came up empty. Knowing a pep talk would be lost on me she didn't say much else, but she didn't need to. Support, strength and comfort was what she dished out for the rest of the day.

"Ride it out." were her last words on the topic.

I'm human, I'm going to have some bad days. It's all about the approach.

Giddy up!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Evolution Of Our Space

makes me happy.

I never used to be a handy guy and always viewed projects around the house as work. I actually found the process painful.

And then one day it all changed. Well, it actually didn't change - I, did. To be even more precise, the way I viewed home renovations changed.

What I used to think of as work I now see as progress, growth and more often then not, a learning experience.

I stay in the moment, ask questions when I need to, and proceed without fear of screwing things up (cause if I do, I'll just go back and fix them).

Of course seeing our ideas comes to fruition and enjoying the finished product doesn't suck either.

The Most Subtle Of Hints

makes me happy.

Kevyn once told me he wants to come back as my MacBook because, "there's so much touching!"

He's trying to tell me something, yes?

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Deviation

makes me happy.

The weather in Toronto broke this weekend.

We went from minus one million degrees Celsius to plus two!

I'm sure you don't have to live in a cold climate to understand how warm plus two actually feels during the coldest, darkest months of the year.

Fan - f*#&!%$ - tastic!

To take full advantage Kevyn, Andy & I headed down to Kensington Market, searched the thrift shops...

bought some empanadas...

and ate them on the street with the sun shining on our faces.

Like I always say, change - it's a good thing!

Being Selfless

makes me happy.

The other night, after a long and interesting catering gig, Stacy and I decided to hit the n64 for a little smackdown. To our pleasant surprise Andy was home and still up, chilling with Cashius - whom, may I add, has a huge crush on him.

So I proceeded to set the the system, while having delusions of grandeur about defeating the Tetris Queen, Andy changed couches to bare witness to the beating I was about to receive.

I sat on my side of the couch, grabbed to joystick and was about to start when I heard "Babe, tilt the TV a little so your brother can see." My first thought was, "Oh, you want to him see this ass whoopin' you're about to hand out?" But that wasn't it at all. Stacy doesn't think like that. Stacy was genuinely concerned about Andy being able to see the TV from his angle.

I replied, out loud, "Wow, I still don't think like that." He wasn't even playing at the time, I'm sure he didn't care, but she wanted to make sure he felt included.

She comes by it honestly, her whole family is like that. Pop by their house in on a weekend morning, with six of your friends, and Stacy's dad will make you all egg-el bagels before he even thinks of sitting down to have one himself. No more chairs around the table? They'll jump off theirs, offer it to you and go fetch another one. When dusk falls you'll have a blanket wrapped around your shoulders before you even realize you need one. Get the picture?

Over the years, living and growing with Stacy and her family, I've learned a lot. A lot about myself and a lot about thinking of others first.

I used to take it for granted. Things were constantly being done for me and there was no expectation for anything in return. I remember times when I would get up from a meal, which had completely prepared by someone else, and get myself a drink without asking if anybody needed anything. Wow, what a gem!

And then slowly, over time, I began to feel like a heel. Guilt, I believe is the exact term, is what inspired me to reevaluate my current perception of the situation.

It was then I began to understand they did things for others simply because it made them feel good to make other people feel good.

Maybe they were on to something. I decided to give it a try - you know, doing things for people without the expectation of reciprocation, just... because.

Alright folks, you heard it here first, or maybe in First Grade - "It is better to give, than it is to receive."

This selfless shit rocks. Pure joy. And although I still don't think as selflessly as a Foley, I'm proud to say I'm on my way.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Black Holes & Super Strings

make me happy.

I'm sure you know by now my husband's all about the outer space, moons, stars and galaxies far, far away kinda stuff.

And now, after many, many years of 'Babe, you gotta come watch this!' and 'Babe look at this new shot of Mars!' it's all starting to interest me.

The other day I spent an bemusing hour watching Stephen Hawking and other esteemed physicists discuss other dimensions, black holes and The Super String Theory on Nova.

Although so very much of it was near to impossible for me to wrap my brain around I certainly appreciated the time spent outside my box, and even more so, the time spent beside my man.

See you on the other side... or Monday, whichever comes first!

The Tetris Queen

makes me happy.

I love video games. Sometimes, on those cold nights and when Stacy is at work, I like to set up a 'smackdown' with 3 of my available buddies and play all night long. Good times.

I'm a Nintendo guy, have been my whole gaming career. With the exception of Super Nintendo, a period in time in which I lured away by the Sega Genenis (think NHL '92,'93,and '94 - badass!), I've owned all the Nintendo platforms.

It was during the N64 days when I came across "The New Tetris". Two words...Wow!

When I moved in with Stacy over ten years ago I'm proud to say that game and a cat were two of my finest contributions.

Now Stacy had played Tetris before - I think it's the only video game that every woman has tried at least once in her life - but this version... with all it's what have yous, what to dos and what nots blew her mind!

And yet within a few hours of play time, the student surpassed the teacher. What!?!

She was unbeatable! Hey! I'm suppose to be the gamer here!

Over the years, she has let me win a couple here and there, but overall she remains Queen... The Tetris Queen.

Hey Stac, I think I've found you a formidable adversary...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Break Time

makes me happy.

After a long day of frame making and such, nothing says break time like a hot tub, a cold beer, epsom salts, and an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Oh yeah.

Our Many Inventions

make me happy.

I'm full of ideas.

Sometimes I think I've got one so good I just gotta share.

Visit us at the Salvage Gardeners to see if you agree.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like A Back Flip In The Pool

makes me happy.

I love to Neti Pot. If you watch Oprah, specifically the days Dr Oz is on, then I'm sure you've heard about the Neti Pot.

A great natural way to ease sinus pain, remove excess mucous, relieve dryness, and reduce allergens in the nasal passage.

Yeah, yeah, that's all great but my favourite part is still the fact that the first gush through the sinus cavity always feels like I've just done a back flip in the pool.

Ahhh - like a little bit of summer on a cold winters' day!


On The Ball

makes me happy.

I still have a lot of trouble paying attention. I find, more instances then not, I space out.

Have you ever put the peanut butter in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard? Believe me I have. And I used have fits of rage about it. I turned into Mr. Furious from the movie Mystery Men.

Nowadays, I have a little laugh about it and try to use it as reminder to stay focused.

When I'm on the ball, the feeling of being present is overwhelming, everything is clear and in focus. I feel like an expert at whatever I'm doing at the time.

For instance when I'm working out, I focus on the muscles being used in the exercise, not just the rhythm of the exercise. Consciously feeling each one contract and relax, getting the very most out of what I'm doing.

Now when I have a space out, I remind myself that I'm a human being not a human doing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Buddha

makes me happy.

While walking to the subway yesterday Kevyn and I were pleasantly surprised to happen upon this giant snow Buddha in a neighbor's yard.

I instantly asked Kev to get in a photo with him. With the mid day sun pouring down the shot was way over exposed, so I took the one above this morning. The cool part though was, the creators of the Buddha came running out while Kev had his arm around him.

At first I thought they were concerned we were going to harm their special buddy.


"We're so happy you want to take a photo with him!"

Kev replied, "I love him."

"Everyone should love him. You're welcome here anytime." they smiled back.

I shouldn't have expected anything less.

Hangin' Out

makes me happy.

Stacy and I hang out together a lot. We love to plan our days off together and also enjoy spending time with our circle of friends together.

Some people find that strange.

Over the years I've heard more then other people's fair share of two cents. "You need time to miss the person" or "Don't you get sick of her?" Sick of what?!?

She's is my best friend. Wouldn't you want to hang out with your best friend all the time. We have fun together, we 're creative together, we motivate each other, and of course, let us not forget the business time we share together.

It was with complete understanding and enjoyment that caused me to rewind a fantastic line I heard in this new show Stacy and I are watching called United States of Tara.

John Corbetts character was leaving work early to pick up the kids because he wife was unable to. His co worker yells at him "You're so co-dependant!" and John, as he pulls away in his truck away replies " It's called Lovvvvvve buddy!"

I rest my case.