Friday, February 6, 2009

Black Holes & Super Strings

make me happy.

I'm sure you know by now my husband's all about the outer space, moons, stars and galaxies far, far away kinda stuff.

And now, after many, many years of 'Babe, you gotta come watch this!' and 'Babe look at this new shot of Mars!' it's all starting to interest me.

The other day I spent an bemusing hour watching Stephen Hawking and other esteemed physicists discuss other dimensions, black holes and The Super String Theory on Nova.

Although so very much of it was near to impossible for me to wrap my brain around I certainly appreciated the time spent outside my box, and even more so, the time spent beside my man.

See you on the other side... or Monday, whichever comes first!


Terence said...


just wanted to say hello, I found this blog interesting and enjoyable, it was either the 5th or 6th blog after clicking 'next' button after reading the one blog I usually go to 'teamasters'


Anonymous said...

String theory!!! It's like you went in my head and found the only thing I could possibly think would make this blog better!