Friday, February 13, 2009

February The 13th

makes me happy.

Stacy and I have never been big fans of Valentines Day. We actually got married 4 years ago today as a little protest to the day.

Don't get me wrong it, I think it is a great reminder for people to appreciate what we have. I understand life can get busy and we can lose focus of what or who's important to us but, not when it comes to love! Love's all we ever got.

We say, let everyday be a day of love. As much as Stacy enjoys it when I bring home flowers for her, I know she equally appreciates a little foot rub, a hot cup of tea when she's banging away on the computer, or a fresh towel held wide open for when she steps out of the shower.

It's the little things.

That we do for each other everyday.

I love you baby and Happy Anniversary.

To four more!


Chris said...

That top photo is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Hot, and I like guys. Damn.

justme said...

YEAH! amen to that. same thing i blogged about the other day.