Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like A Back Flip In The Pool

makes me happy.

I love to Neti Pot. If you watch Oprah, specifically the days Dr Oz is on, then I'm sure you've heard about the Neti Pot.

A great natural way to ease sinus pain, remove excess mucous, relieve dryness, and reduce allergens in the nasal passage.

Yeah, yeah, that's all great but my favourite part is still the fact that the first gush through the sinus cavity always feels like I've just done a back flip in the pool.

Ahhh - like a little bit of summer on a cold winters' day!



Val said...

Wow after reading this post and then doing some quick research I am interested! Where do you find this device in Toronto?

drollgirl said...

yup, this is one helluva good invention.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about it, but I hate water up the nose I get panicked when a little bit of water even goes up there I feel like im drowning. Weird I know , but all due to fact I had a bad experience so anyway thinking about even doing that makes my heart beat a little faster and deep breaths in and may seem weird but its real. But good for you for cleaning the nostrils out, love the t-shirt.

Mandy said...

That looks kinda awkward to use! This is the same idea and it's way easy

*moggit girls said...

We honestly can't believe you can look that cute with water spouting out your nose!

Joy and Janet