Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Chin Up Bar

makes me happy.

Santa brought me a chin up bar for Christmas this year.

Now, I'm not one to indulge in "as seen on TV" merchandise, but this one made sense to me.

I work out from home. I'm have a very limited inventory of equipment. Dumbbells, a yoga mat, suggestions from the original random exerciser (my wife), a creative mind and a subscription to Men's Health.

But the body was craving more. Or maybe the tv told my body it was craving more.

It was during a commercial break of a basketball game I was watching when I saw this chin up bar that fits in your doorway. Sold! Especially after just reading that the chin up was a fantastic exercise. Thanks again universe! And it wasn't just the chin ups that hooked me, it was also designed to add a plethora of exercises to my repertoire.

Cravings fulfilled! True to it's claims - the bar has added a wide variety of exercises to my routine, using muscles I just wasn't reaching before and adding that much needed spice I was looking for.

Who doesn't love TV?


Suze said...

The only chin-up bar I use is when I was younger at bar closing time. It's the only thing that held my head up. I realize it's not the same thing - but at least I can say I've used a chin-up bar :)

Zelmarific said...

My favorite part of your picture is the dog. And the pink undies. But mostly the dog! Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Those Hawt ping undies are my favorite thing - especially this picture of them.


Good on you Stacy.