Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Buddha

makes me happy.

While walking to the subway yesterday Kevyn and I were pleasantly surprised to happen upon this giant snow Buddha in a neighbor's yard.

I instantly asked Kev to get in a photo with him. With the mid day sun pouring down the shot was way over exposed, so I took the one above this morning. The cool part though was, the creators of the Buddha came running out while Kev had his arm around him.

At first I thought they were concerned we were going to harm their special buddy.


"We're so happy you want to take a photo with him!"

Kev replied, "I love him."

"Everyone should love him. You're welcome here anytime." they smiled back.

I shouldn't have expected anything less.

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Anonymous said...

this is such a great story, it makes me smile and remember the good in people