Friday, February 6, 2009

The Tetris Queen

makes me happy.

I love video games. Sometimes, on those cold nights and when Stacy is at work, I like to set up a 'smackdown' with 3 of my available buddies and play all night long. Good times.

I'm a Nintendo guy, have been my whole gaming career. With the exception of Super Nintendo, a period in time in which I lured away by the Sega Genenis (think NHL '92,'93,and '94 - badass!), I've owned all the Nintendo platforms.

It was during the N64 days when I came across "The New Tetris". Two words...Wow!

When I moved in with Stacy over ten years ago I'm proud to say that game and a cat were two of my finest contributions.

Now Stacy had played Tetris before - I think it's the only video game that every woman has tried at least once in her life - but this version... with all it's what have yous, what to dos and what nots blew her mind!

And yet within a few hours of play time, the student surpassed the teacher. What!?!

She was unbeatable! Hey! I'm suppose to be the gamer here!

Over the years, she has let me win a couple here and there, but overall she remains Queen... The Tetris Queen.

Hey Stac, I think I've found you a formidable adversary...

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Dawn said...

I love tetris! I don't think I've ever played this "new tetris" though...I'll have to look into it!