Monday, February 23, 2009

Truckin' Along

makes me happy.

Another doctor's appointment today - 15 weeks and truckin' along!

I always love the doctor's appointments because we get to hear the baby's heart beat - reassuring me I still pregnant, as that seems to be the only hook in this wonderfully easy pregnancy.

That's right - no sickness, no turn offs, no mood swings, really - no nothings.

I'm still eating super healthy but have eased up on some of my more restrictive habits, allowing myself to indulge in more nuts, cheese and bread. And with that - has come the weight gain.

Now, if I wasn't pregnant and began sporting these extra 8lbs, I'd have been out jogging 10km a day 4lbs ago. But I am pregnant, and so, learning to embrace all changes the ol' bod is going through, grateful for it's ability to carry our little blessing.

To my delight, Kev has been able to join me for all appointments so far, making me laugh and keeping me entertained as he expands his knowledge of breast pumps and cervix's and the baby's position in utero thanks to the educational posters hung around the office.

This one, seen above, holds an extra special place in our hearts as our dear friends Al & Adel, who had a baby last year at the same hospital, used to return from their appointments trying to explain how funny they thought it was until they finally peeled it off the wall and brought it home for us to see.

Apparently the hospital had some back ups!


cassandra dini said...

Have you considered midwifery as an option? I loved the experience we had with ours. Having informed choice, and choice of birth place allowed us a lot of freedom, a sense of trust and safety, and empowered us as parents.

justme said...

this makes me so excited for you. what a great gift

Gypsy Lynne said...

indulge, indulge, indulge! when else can you?! any weird cravings yet?

Suze said...

Are you two going to found out the sex of the baby? I's so excited for you two...well 2.5 now :)

Shan said...

That is a great poster.

Anonymous said...

At 12 weeks I had already gained 8lbs...going for my 16 week appt. today and I'm interested to see how much more I've put on. I totally agree that if I wasn't pregnant I would working out like crazy to get rid of the weight, but instead I am embracing the bump!

Anonymous said...

so lucky to have a easy pregnancy so far, hope it continues...and having no sickness is a really good thing. Have you been taking photos of the belly each week to see any changes. I made a scrabbook of mine and wrote down when I felt first kick, all the cravings just everything about the whole pregancy really.

Cellar Door said...

You look great.