Monday, March 9, 2009


make me happy.

The grand finale of Shark Week materialized yesterday, on my actual birthday, with a most delicious brunch prepared by, and held at, Kelly and Sandy's.

While I know how to cook food that is healthy, my sister knows how to cook food that tastes good, and isn't that exactly what you really want on your birthday?


pancakes, bacon, hash browns, freshly squeezed orange juice,

and cupcakes all added to the most wonderful birthday week ever.

And still, the brunch, combined with all the balls, bikinis, books, bedding and best wishes I received this week could never add up to the amount of blessings I feel by enjoying a life so full of loving and caring people.

I can only hope I make you all feel at least half as I loved as I do.

My absolute gratitude.

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