Friday, March 13, 2009

Her Patience

makes me happy.

For the four years Kev and I have lived in this house, the second bedroom on the main floor has been occupied by many a different guest and... Cashius.

While she almost always sleeps in our bedroom, unless of course the guest in the spare room allows her to squeeze into that tiny bed with them (read - Rob & Andy), she does spend a large part of her day lying on the bed keeping track of all the comings and goings in the backyard and the park.

Well, we recently relocated the spare bedroom to the basement - something to do with that growing pot belly I've got, and Cashius is none to happy about it.

Every morning when we get up she stills walks in the room, looks for the spare bed and then turns back to me with a slightly disgusted expression.

This morning I pulled a chair up to the window so she could keep an eye on those pesky birds and squirrels and I think she really appreciated it, until...

she got sleepy...

and was having a very hard time...

getting comfortable.

I promise we'll build you a new bed Cashius.

A little smaller then your old one but, definitely bigger then this chair.

Thanks for your patience my pet.


.::L said...

How adorable! I love how much personality can be contained in one doggie. I'm excited for my still-young pup to show me what she's got.

justme said...

what a sweet dog. awwww, i love the pictures of her falling asleep, that is too cute.

Anonymous said...

How sweet. It's amazing the "looks" dog can give you to get their message across.