Monday, March 2, 2009

In With The New

makes me happy.

Stacy and I went to renew our passports today. What might seem like a mundane process of getting mug shot photos and traveling to Government offices turns into a fun adventure all on it's own when I'm hanging with my lady bird.

No lines seemed too long, the traffic flowed like a river and the cold well, let's just say... the lines didn't seem too long. Yeah, -23 degrees with the sun and wind...bitter, table for one? Where's my coat you ask? Well I cranked the heat and took it off because I'm sick of Stacy taking photos of me in it - so there!

But I digress.

While waiting to have our number called, Stacy was reviewing our applications and realized that I forgot to check the 'Would you like your old passport returned?' box. I quickly as I said, "Yes!" Stacy simultaneously said, "No!"

She needn't say more. Why would I want to keep my old passport?

To reminisce over the stamps of all the countries I've visited? To have physical proof?

Firstly, I've already stored those fond memories away in my heart and secondly, I want to make room for more... new ones... different beaches... virgin voyages.

Out with the old...


i am playing outside said...

there are some things like this that i like to keep. like my old license and student cards. just little mementos that can be tucked away in a little box. pieces of your life!

Anonymous said...

are you wearing a seatbelt , buckle up while driving Mr lol

Adel said...

Good Plan... on answering NO! You wouldn't want someone else to get a hold of such an important piece of document or we might see your face on "Canada's Most Wanted" ! not that your not already! lol