Monday, May 4, 2009

Bringing A Lot To The Table

makes me happy.

Kevyn and I were honoured to be invited to another wedding this past Saturday. This weekend belonged to Adam & Andrea, a delightful couple we met through my sister and her husband Sandy.

While looking at the photos I snapped of the occasion, a couple of things came to mind.

Firstly, how gorgeous is the bride? Seriously, is she not just glowing?

Secondly, these two photos (the one above and the one below) jumped out at me as if they had story they wanted to share? And then I realized it wasn't specifically these photos of Andrea that spurred my imagination, it was the image of any of a bride walking down the aisle with her father and walking back up the aisle with her new husband.

What came to mind was, what ideas, views and intentions does each bride and groom bring to their new union and how much of it was shaped by watching their parents relationship.

I was able to recognize a long time ago that many of my most fond memories entail images of my parents laughing and in love. Experiencing those moments of laughter, love and respect as a child and young adult is one of the greatest gifts my parents could have ever given me. It was like they provided for me the authentic proof that not only is a successful, happy marriage possible, it can have a real impact on the world in a very positive way.

Having said that, I also appreciate and salute any person who is able to turn a negative situation into a positive lesson. Perhaps recognizing that the relationships they have witnessed first hand growing up are not exactly the way they'd like to conduct their own and have been spurred on to learn and do better; bringing a ton of enthusiasm and hope down the aisle with them.

Either way, it's all about what you bring to the table.

I could tell by the love in the air, as Adam & Andrea walked up the aisle together, hand in hand, they have every intention of making this union a magical one. One that will impact the friends, family, and perhaps even one day their own children, in a very positive way.

I hope that made sense to all my non-pregnant readers out there - as you can imagine I've got some very child rearing specific ideas banging around in my head these days.

Anyhoo - on a lighter note, inspired by one of my favourite fashionista blogger friends Maegan, who shares with us her ability to re-work a closet full daily basics, fashion forward pieces and innovative vintage items into a fresh look everyday , I thought you might enjoy seeing how I was able to spice up my little blue dress for another wedding in a different climate.

Add one goodwill velour blazer, a second hand scarf, a big flower pin and I was good to go.

Best of all, I totally matched Kev's bow tie!

Also - I wanted to mention that my sister and Sandy were part of the wedding party and thought they looked just stunning together. Doesn't pregnancy totally suit her?

And lastly, I wanted to share this photo Kev snapped of Kelly and I together. There was just something about seeing us both in our pregnant state that overwhelmed me with gratitude and warm fuzzies.

That is all.


emma said...

i'd love to see some of your wedding photos!

Val said...

That dress is wonderful -- mind if I ask where you got it? I am on the hunt for a fancy and cost effective fancy summer dress myself. Maegan said...

awe, thanks! ...blushing ...that was really sweet!

You look so fabulous!!!! I love how you re-worked the look. It's like an entirely new dress!!! You and your professional napper are too fabulous for words :)

Anonymous said...

You two seem to have such a beautiful relationship and I really admire your approach to love in general. I wonder if you have ever been through a really bad breakup? And what you found really helpful to pull you through?


stacy said...

hey val - i picked it up at the costa blanca outlet!