Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little Gratitude & Some Cover Up

make me happy.

Since becoming pregnant, tiny blood vessels have been breaking near the surface of my skin leaving little red marks on my face, chest and shoulders.

When I wake up in the morning they seem to be the first thing my eye sees. They haven't been making me happy. Today in fact, they left me feeling a little upset.

Maybe it wasn't just the red dots... perhaps the weight gain, the sore back and the slightly swollen feeling I have while doing yoga were all contributing to this feeling.

But, it only took a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself before I realized - this feeling sucks more then the red dots on my face. And while there's only so much I can do about the red dots right now, there's certainly something I can do to change this mood.

And so I began counting my blessings.

Feeling blessed for this little alien growing inside me, the sun shining outside, the flowers blooming on the trees and for my dog, husband, family and friends all to whom the red dots seemingly appear to be invisible.

Oh - and for that little container of Bobbi Brown cover up that an angel gave me last September... yup, I was grateful for that too.


Anonymous said...

ooh, stacey, i love this post! i like seeing your vulnerability, it makes me feel better to know that others are human like me! i dont know if this makes sense at all. but i appreciate knowing that sometimes you have bad days too, but are willing to work at turning it around. it's a nice reminder! and one i needed today, so thank you!!

justme said...

i too, love this post for the vulnerability aspect. you DO have a blessed life and i love knowing that you have the wits about you to know it and turn those bad days into good ones.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the point, but...once your pregnancy is over you CAN go to the dermatologist and have those red spots lazer-removed. It's pretty quick and painless.

And thanks, also, for your transparency!

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

I often reflect on a similar thing with my clients when they have guilt over their poor food choices. That the emotions we attach to events in our lives are far more detrimental to our health than anything external or physical.

Anonymous said...

You can feel down every now and then. But what's great about you is that you don't let it last too long.